Agents of Mayhem: How To Beat Every Boss | All Boss Battles Guide

Babylon First Fight


The first boss you’ll face against is Babylon and this is a simple one to go through. You’re going to first fight yourself against a wave of thugs sent forward by Babylon. During this time, you won’t get to attack Babylon so make quick work of the thugs to make Babylon vulnerable.

At this point, Babylon will lower his shields and start sending out energy-based attacks. They are not all that strong, so get up and close to unleash a series of attacks from the three agents. You’ll find that once you lower his health down to 4,800 HP he’ll once again shield himself and send out another wave of thugs.

Once again, make quick work with the second wave of thugs and repeat the process with Babylon. However, once Babylon reaches 3,200 HP he’ll unleash a zero-point dynamo into Seoul, essentially ending the boss fight.

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