Agents of Mayhem: How To Beat Every Boss | All Boss Battles Guide

Gaunt Boss Fight

Much like Hammersmith, the Gaunt boss fight is split up into three sections.

Section 1

When you first enter the boss battle, Gaunt will be in the arena where you’ll need to break down his armor. Keep moving and fire at Gaunt with agents that can deal more mid-range attacks, as you’ll need to keep away from Gaunt and his attacks.

Gaunt has a few attacks up his sleeve which is mostly energy based. Luckily, it’s easy to spot beforehand when Gaunt will attack, giving you enough time to dash to a side or jump up to avoid the blasts.

Section 2

This second section of the fight will start right after the cinematic cutscene. Instead of dealing with Gaunt, you’ll have to defeat the wave of thugs, similar to your first battle with Babylon. Head to the upper balcony and defeat the wave of enemies. We suggest sticking to the upper balcony and use close-range agents along with swapping to a far-range agent such as Rama to deal with the various enemies around the arena.

Section 3

After you have successfully taken out the Gaunt thugs, the boss will force the crowd to attack you. Here you’ll have to melee the crowd members to knock off their Gauntlets, effectively removing the brainwashing device. During this period, consoles will be unlocked for players to hack.

Hack all of the terminals that will eventually be unlocked after defeating the crowd members to complete the boss fight.

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