Agents of Mayhem: How To Beat Every Boss | All Boss Battles Guide

Steeltoe Boss Fight

Steeltoe will have some help with Aisha during this battle, though you will find that taking down the boss is relatively quick.

Section 1

The first section of this fight is just lowering Steeltoe’s armor. His weapon of choice will fire off some energy beams which trigger traps in the areas shot, though they can be spotted on the ground where the traps are located. If caught in one, you’ll receive a bit of damage that may keep your character hung up into a specific area.

Your best bet is picking an agent that can deal a good amount of mid-range attack. Keep moving around and fire at Steeltoe and you’ll quickly find yourself moving onto the next section of the fight.

Section 2

After losing his armor, Steeltoe will cower back to Aisha where the duo will be safe on a fortified platform. Instead of dealing with Steeltoe at this point, you will have to face against the wedding party. Really, any agent is decent for this section. Clear the wedding party and get ready to move towards the third and final section of this boss fight.

It’s best to make note that the wedding powered will be slightly buff, so don’t get too trigger happy, plan your movements out accordingly in case you need to dash away from an attack.

Section 3

This last section of the fight will cause Aisha to activate five towers which will buff Steeltoe and cause him to grow into a giant. You’ll find that Steeltoe will have a few powerful attacks such as a short-ranged tracking beam attack and a powerful ground assault.

You should continue to move around and destroy the towers. You can attack Steeltoe, but if you destroy the five towers, Steeltoe will return to normal size and be easier to defeat.

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