Shadow Tactics Walkthrough | Mission 8: Kanazawa City

The war has begun in Mission 8: Attack on Kanazawa. In this massive Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun mission, your team of heroes is split into two  groups as you infiltrate and assassinate your way into a massive castle protected by an army of rebels. For each officer you takedown, the Shogun’s army will take back more territory, giving you further access to the inner courtyard of the castle.

Your final goal is General Okkoto himself. The wily warrior is guarded by a retinue or troops in the back of his camp, but there’s a very specific vulnerability you can take advantage of to defeat him easily. The path leading up to the General is a tough one, and Mission 8: Attack on Kanazawa features some truly complex stealth situations. We’ll try to walk you through this one step-by-step and reveal the simplest (we think!) path to victory.

Table of Contents – Shadow Tactics Walkthrough

Walkthrough | Attack on Kanazawa


The largest mission to date sends your team into Kanazawa Castle. You’ll take control of Hayato, Yuki, Takuma and Mugen for this mission. The team is split into two groups; Yuki / Takuma in the south, and Hayato / Mugen in the north. Each group must work independently to help Noboru’s army push forward.

The area is swarming with friendly soldiers and enemies. By killing officers, you allow Noboru’s army to gain ground, which clears out the remaining soldiers and makes progress possible. To make things easier to explain, we’ll split each section and explain what each team needs to do separately, swapping teams as needed.

Use this rope to cross the alley and clear a path for Mugen.

Hayato / Mugen – East Officer Takedown

Starting with Hayato, climb onto the roof of the building where you start and reach the rope to sneak across the alley the Straw Hats are watching from their barricades. Drop into the bushes and kill the runner that splits time between a samurai and a straw hat at the end of the path. Kill the Straw Hat looking at the alley in the top corner after the samurai stops searching – now Mugen can cross the street and take care of that samurai.

Circle around the house clockwise – kill the corner guard (sake helps here), then the sentry and the samurai that patrols at the back gate. Save the samurai that patrols in and out of the west gate for last – you’ll need to temporarily distract the Straw Hats in the castle alleyway before you can kill him without being seen. Use a Shadow Mode stone and kill the samurai when he runs near the bushes. His running friend will search when the samurai is missing, making him an easy target.

NOTE: You can kill the samurai at the back gate if you lure the watching guard out with sake. Time the bottle so you throw just as the samurai steps onto the stone path to the back gate – the guard will slowly walk over and take the sake just as the samurai turns around to leave. You can also use Shadow Mode – Hayato can shuriken kill the guard just as Mugen strikes.

Kill the officer and the friendly army will immediately gain ground. The enemy won’t raise the alarm.

With the samurai and the runner removed from the west gate, you can now enter the street and kill the first officer at the barricade. Distract the pair of straw hats with a stone, then kill the single shooting straw hat at the gate. Kill the officer with a shuriken and your allies will instantly advance – no alarms!

Yuki / Takuma – West Officer Takedown

The second officer is smack in the center of a raging battle. Luckily, we don’t need to actually reach him. Takuma just needs to get into the right position to shoot him. Start with Yuki – enter the house near her starting positon and exit through the opposite door to get the jump on a standing straw hat at the base of a climbable vine wall.

Position Takuma on this scaffolding for a perfect shot on another enemy officer.

Climb up the vine, and kill the shooter on the scaffolding. See that scaffold? That’s going to be Takuma’s officer-sniping perch. Kill the guard on the roof, then the three shooters blocking the ladder up to the scaffolding. One runs down the alley – kill the other two while he’s not looking, then kill the runner last to make an easy path for Takuma.

At the top of the scaffolding, there’s a crate with three rifle bullets. Use one of those bullets to take down the second officer.

Yuki / Takuma – Breaching the Castle

To breach the castle with Yuki / Takuma, you’ll need to kill the officer in the pavilion south of the main gate. There’s a rope ladder Yuki can drop down, but the area is too well-guarded for Takuma to reach – you’ll need to kill the officer – he’s hiding behind stacks of barrels, so Takuma can’t snipe him from his perch.

Cross the bridge and use the hook on the castle wall to get the jump on this officer.

Killing the Last Officer: Sneak onto the road and kill the Straw Hat facing the bridge that leads to the officer’s position with Yuki. Just as the samurai runs across the small bridge, wait behind the cart and sprint – you can make it to the bush on the other side if you’re quick. Hide in the bush, watch the officer’s view cone, and zip up to the top of the wall. Hide behind the crates and pick off the two straw hats on the castle wall – when they’re gone, killing the officer with Yuki is a cinch.

Lower the ladder when the officer is down, and Takuma can easily stroll over to the wall, climb up, and prepare for the next step of the plan – destroying the supply depot.

Step #1: Destroy the Depot – Hayato / Mugen

The front (side) entrance to the castle is completely unguarded once the officer is dead on Hayato’s side of the battle. One guard sprints from one open gateway. Use sake to lure the runner out, then sneak Hayato to the hook and zip up to the top of the wall.

Kill and hide as many guards as you can – Hayato can reach the supply depot rooftop from the wall. Up here, use Shadow Mode to simultaneously kill the single Straw Hat at the base of the supply depot while Mugen kills the guard near the bush in the castle corner – watch out for the straw hat in the stone tower in the center of the inner castle.

Take out the guard in this watchtower to make further progress much easier.

Killing the Watchtower Straw Hat: Run across the supply depot roof, then drop down the hook near the ramp leading to the army camp. A straw hat is waiting at a bush below the hook to the central watch tower.

When the watchtower guard is gone, you can begin clearing the inner courtyard. Shadow Mode kill the two soldiers talking near the supply depot, then the patrolling samurai, and finally wipe out the soldiers at the prisoner pens. Use Mugen to kill the samurai on the walls.

NOTE: Open the pens to earn an easy badge. The Straw Hat between the pens is easy – just sneak behind the pens to reach him with Mugen, then kill the patrolling samurai.

Place the explosive barrel in the highlighted area, then blast it with Takuma’s rifle from the central tower.

Destroying the Supply Depot: Now that both teams can access the inner castle, use Mugen to move the explosive barrel to the supply depot and shoot it with Takuma’s rifle from the castle courtyard tower – there’s another rifle ammo crate on that tower.

Step #2: Regroup

All four characters should now be together in the castle courtyard. Next, you’ll need to regroup with everyone in a bush near General Okkoto’s tent in the army camp. The ramp to the camp is blocked by a single Straw Hat. Wait for him to look away, then sprint into the bushes flanking the ramp — the bushes near the supply area. Ninjas can cut through the canvas walls.

Hayato can carefully sneak through the camp storage area. Stay in the dark area and use those stones.

Sneak into the supply area (full of barrels, opposite the triage) through the canvas wall with Hayato, then sneak to the back guard near the two tall shelves of barrels. Distract him with a stone, kill him, and cut open the tent wall to the explosive barrel storage area to hide the body in a bush. Now Mugen can follow the same path easily and kill the samurai watching the ramp, near the regroup bush.

Now Hayato can kill the Straw Hat watching the main ramp into the camp, and the path to General Okkoto will be completely clear.

Step #3: Kill General Okkoto

After regrouping, General Okkoto will appear in his command tent with a small army of reinforcements. First, move Hayato into the explosive barrel storage area and kill the searching guard and the guard near the barrels – they’re all easy to stealth. Reach the alley just above Okkoto’s camp and kill the patrolling guard where the riflemen won’t see.

Use this optional path behind the Command Tent. Mugen can cut through the barriers and reach the General.

When that guard is down, you can then kill the straw hat and the patroller walking the center path between the command tent and the explosive barrel storage. Mugen can sneak up and around the command tent to reach the inner courtyard. Cut down the sword practice dummies blocking the secret entrance, then cut down the general while he’s looking at the map to complete the mission.