Shadow Tactics Walkthrough | Mission 12: Myogi Pass

Our journey through Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun is almost over as we head into Mission 12: A Fateful Meeting. The Shogun has put a bounty on the heroes, so delivering Masaru’s confession won’t be easy. You’ll have to sneak through a camp of 300,000 soldiers and infiltrate the Shogun’s private command tent at the top of the pass.

This is both a night mission and a snow mission — and on top of all that, you’ll have to lug an unconscious body across the entire map. It sounds like a nightmare, but if you approach each area with the right strategy, you won’t have to waste time searching for alternate paths. We’ve got one of the safest methods that’ll make reaching the Shogun (almost) a breeze.

Table of Contents – Shadow Tactics Walkthrough

Walkthrough | A Fateful Meeting


There’s only one way to clear your name – delivering the traitorous Masaru to the Shogun. To reach the Shogun, you have two options. 1) You can find a cart and ride it to the Shogun’s camp at the top of the hill. Or, 2) spike the guard’s sake with a special brew concocted by Takuma that will put the soldiers to sleep.

NOTE: This isn’t just a night mission, it’s also a snow mission. Your footsteps will attract guards, and crouching won’t help standing near a light.

Mission Overview: We’re going to take the safer but more time-consuming option – spiking the guards and putting them to sleep. To do that, you’ll need to deliver Takuma to the brewing area in the far northern camp. We’ll also need a disguise for Aiko. There are two options – one disguise is hanging just south of the Shogun’s camp, the other is being worn by a civilian on the path near the east temple.

To make matters worse, you’ll have to carry Masaru’s body all the way to the Shogun’s camp.

Step #1: Shogun’s Tent

Lure patrolling guards down into the southern corner where they can be trapped.

Getting By The Samurai: In the first camp, several soldiers patrol around a campfire where a larger group is waiting. Don’t bother with them – run by. Wait for the samurai to walk down the southern causeway, then run up and left to the west gate leading to the main road where the cart parks. Run up there and hide behind the crates – the crates are out of the snow, and perfect for knocking out / killing guards. Use Yuki first – she can set traps and lure the other patrolling guard, making it much easier for the rest of your team to avoid the samurai. Or, use footprints to lure the samurai south to secretly shoot / stab him.

NOTE: The cart that pulls up by the west gate only travels to the east temple. Very useful for getting to the opposite side of the camp where Takuma can brew up his secret recipe.

Clearing the West Road: Move up to the west gate. Next, we’re going to clear the west dead end road. The real problem are the two Straw Hats looking at each other. The two guards talking won’t see if you simultaneously take these Straw Hats out. You can sneak through the dark zone of the talking guard’s view cone to reach the opposite Straw Hat. Or, wait for the cart to arrive to obscure the north Straw Hat’s view.

Carefully skirt through the area. Enemies will follow footprints. The path to Aiko’s disguise is just north.

Entering the Cooking Area: Continue north from the west gate into the cluster of tents. There are multiple samurai patrolling the paths here, but Aiko is the only one we need – north of the cooking area, there’s a vine wall she can climb that will take her (almost) directly to the disguise. Sneak into the camp, then slip behind the guard, between the canvas walls and crates. Cut a hole, then sneak up to the small camp with the single sitting guard. Lure him out with the whistle or blind him with sneezing powder, or use a stone – Kuma works too!

Climb up into this secret path and lure guards to reach the disguise.

Stealing Aiko’s Disguise: After taking care of the guard in the small camp north of the cooking area, climb the vines up straight to a secret path leading to the disguise. Yuki is very useful here – her lure can lead most of the annoying guards right into a trap. There’s a tiny bit of dark view cone she can hide in near the body container. Kuma will also distract all of these guards long enough for Aiko to grab the clothing and run.

Reaching the Brewing Station: Now Takuma needs to reach the brewing station, north of the temple area. Takuma can’t climb, so you’ll have to find a trickier way to reach the area – wait for the cart to arrive at the west gate, then ride it with Takuma until a guard stops to chat with the driver. Jump out and hide in the bushes – if you wait too long, you’ll be found by the pair of Samurai guards.

Hop out of the red cart before reaching the samurai. They’ll check the cart for sneaky intruders.

The snowy path is well-guarded, but there are no samurai. With Aiko’s disguise, and Yuki on the cliffs, use distractions and traps to slowly whittle through the guard presence until Takuma has a safe path up and around the double samurai checkpoint.

NOTE: South of the snowy ridge path, there’s an empty watch tower with a crate filled with extra ammo for Takuma’s rifle. Aiko and Yuki should help make the path safe for Takuma.

Using the Brewing Station: The brewing station is well-guarded – there are two Straw Hats at the entrance, one patrolling guard inside, and three more watching the camp interior. Use Aiko to distract one of the Straw Hats, then cut through the canvas wall. Use Kuma to distract the patrolling regular guard + the guard standing to the left, and you’ll have enough time to use the station and escape.

Use Kuma (and Aiko in disguise) to distract the guards just long enough to sneak up to the station.

Serving the Sleeping Sake: The sake will appear on the brewing station. Collect it with Aiko in disguise, then take it to the camp south of the Shogun’s camp. Use the barrel with Aiko to poison the sake and put all the guards in the camp asleep. Just wait for the servant to serve everyone and the path through the camp will be clear.

Step #2: Masaru

The path to the shogun is now -mostly- clear, but we still need to drag Masaru to the Shogun. Aiko can help make the path much, much easier – use her disguise to distract the guards in the camp below the snowy cliff path we used earlier to help Takuma reach the brewing station.

Use Aiko and Kuma to distract, then kill both Straw Hats with Shadow Mode.

Delivering Masaru: Reconvene with everyone in the camp with the sleeping guards. Enter through the side-entrance, and you’ll have to distract your way to victory. The came is full of guards, but most are completely vulnerable to Kuma. Use Aiko distracts the leader of the patrol to stop them, then sneak behind the tent near the samurai at the entrance and circle around to the back.

If you want to clear the area, you’ll want to target the Straw Hats on the left first. Use Kuma to distract the two regular guards to the right while Aiko distracts the trio patrol. Use Hayato and Yuki to kill the two straw hats and drag the bodies out of sight. With them gone, distract the trio again and kill the two sentries on the right.

With them gone, you can keep the trio distracted with Aiko and convene inside the Shogun’s tent to complete the mission.