Shadow Tactics Walkthrough | Mission 7: Suganuma Village

If you don’t want to raise alarms, this is one tough Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun mission. The end is especially difficult — but it is possible, and we’re going to walk you through every step.

Mugen, your samurai commander, has been captured by the rebel army. You don’t just have to save him, you’ll also need to save a group of defenseless peasants, then lead the gang to an insanely well-defended exit. This is a really hard mission, folks. If you’re sane, you’ll just use bombs and blast your way out of the level.

Well, I’m a little bit crazy, so instead of taking the easy route, I figured out how to avoid an alarm in the north village, and how to clear the south gate without bringing in those dreaded red reinforcement. It takes a lot of time and a lot of patience. Here’s how it’s done.

Table of Contents – Shadow Tactics Walkthrough

Walkthrough | Suganuma Rescue


Mugen has been captured by the rebels, and only Takuma (with Yuki) can save him. You’ll need to infiltrate the center of the village, kill the samurai interrogating Mugen, then escape on the southern edge of the map.

The rain is both a blessing and a curse. Walking in puddles causes extra noise. Use the fields to block views – you can sneak very close to guards in the fields, even if they don’t count as bushes, they block view cones severely. Sneak through the wheat fields to the southern village where the large group of soldiers are blocking the road out of Suganuma.

Climb the ladder to reach the tier above the bloody field, then move northwest.

Step #1: Rescue Mugen

Use the ladder to reach the second tier of wheat fields. Takuma needs the ladder – there’s a second ladder to the third tier with the bloody field filled with executed civilians. Use Kuma to distract the guard to climb up this ladder. Continue up to the fourth tier too – then cross the road west to the five bushes – the path ahead is guarded by two soldiers facing each other.

Use Shadow Mode – position Yuki on the shack to jump-kill one guard from above, and shoot the other guard from the bushes with Takuma’s flintlock pistol. Don’t waste his rifle! Kill them both, then quickly kill the patrolling guard on this alley, just north of Mugen’s position.

Use Shadow Mode to defeat these guards.

Clearing Mugen’s Area: Now we’re in position directly north of the samurai interrogator. There are multiple guards patrolling around the area we need to kill to avoid raising an alarm when the samurai is killed. Kill the guard on the east edge of Mugen’s area that waits near the oxen cart, then move clockwise around the circle. Kill the guard on the rooftop with Yuki’s pistol, then stealth the guard among the wheat bails, and finally kill the sniper in the tower with Takuma’s rifle when he’s at the top.

Clear the guards around the samurai in a clockwise circle.

Killing the Samurai: All the guards around the samurai are dead, so it’s time to kill this samurai. Sneak behind him with Yuki, then target the samurai with Takuma’s flintlock in Shadow Mode. Shoot, then stab. Free Mugen, and unlock more objectives.

Step #2: Recover Mugen’s Gear

Mugen is useless without his gear. It’s being held south of the prisoner area, in a small courtyard. You’ll need to save the surviving farmers too, but a fully-equipped Mugen will make this task much easier.

Throw a rock at this guard for an accidental kill — enemies won’t raise an alarm, even if they see the body.

A samurai is watching the gear. Kill the guards on the tier near the samurai to give yourself some breathing room. Grab the large boulder near the samurai with Mugen, then toss it at the heavy soldier to kill him instantly. Drag the body, then use Kuma the Tanuki to distract all the guards, including the patrolling guard, to leave the gear. Mugen can grab it and we can move back north to save the farmers.

NOTE: Mugen comes equipped with a hand cannon now. This super-loud, powerful weapon can pierce samurai armor, killing them instantly.

Kill these guards to create a safe passage into the north village.

Step #3: Free the Farmers

Now that Mugen is fully operational, move north up the road. Use Sword Wind to kill the trio of guards, and kill the samurai on the path with Mugen’s powerful stealth attack. The farmers are located in the northern section of the village. The main path is guarded by two samurai – there’s no way to get around them. We’ll have to enter through the side-entrance. It’s watched by two Straw Hats, but the vines northeast of the watch tower can help Yuki get inside.

To clear the Straw Hats, use Shadow Mode to simultaneously shoot them. Use Takuma’s rifle and Yuki’s flintlock, or just bomb them with a lethal Takuma bomb. Quickly collect the bodies with Mugen, kill the patrolling soldier, then take out the guard on the watch tower. There’s a crate with three extra sniper bullets here.

Use Kuma to lure this patrol into a trap.

Rescuing the Farmers: Stables – The stables are guarded by a samurai. He always faces the farmers. A pair of soldiers patrols the stables fence. Use Kuma to draw them away, then Sword Wind technique to kill them both. Lure the near the carts and well for an easy kill / hide. Time it so the patrolling samurai won’t see – when the regular soldier patrol is dead, kill the samurai and the farmers are saved.

Throw a sake bottle to lure this guard out of the samurai’s view cone.

Rescuing the Farmer: Backyard – There’s one more farmer left to save. He’s guarded by a single soldier and a samurai. Move Mugen up to the bushes just north of the stables and toss a sake bottle to lure the regular guard toward the bushes behind the samurai. Stealth kill that soldier, then kill the samurai to save all the farmers.

NOTE: To avoid raising the alarm, you’ll need to kill the patrolling samurai and the guard with him before talking to the farmers. Shadow Mode double-kill – shoot the guard with Takuma’s rifle and the samurai with Mugen’s hand cannon. If the guard sees that the farmers have escaped, he will raise an alarm.

Step #4: Protect the Farmers

Talk to the farmers, and you’ll take direct control of them. Farmers can’t climb, kill, or carry bodies – all they can do is move and crouch. They move in a big group, and take up two slots in your character wheel. If a single farmer dies, it’s game over.

The south gate is swarming with guards. Pick off the non-Straw Hats one-by-one.

Step #5: Escape Together

Travel south down the main road. The exit to Suganama village is the last guarded area on the map. Keep the farmers out of sight while you clear the guard positions. You can safely kill the samurai at the northern village with Mugen at this point.

When approaching the exit, a swarm of new guards will appear. To clear the path for your civilians, kill the guard on the watch tower near the south gate and collect the ammo crate with Takuma – it has three more rifle bullets.

Clear enough guards, and this corner is completely hidden.

Clearing the South Gate: To escape, let’s start from the east approach to the exit. There’s one guard watching the fields – kill the guards in the fields, then lure the sentry on the right-most side – distract the guards in the center, then lure the right-most sentry over with sake. Kill him while the center group are distracted.

Make sure to throw the sake around the corner of the house near the sniper tower. When he comes to the bottle, use Yuki to jump-kill him. Only the central guards can see this spot. Continue to use Kuma, sake bottles, and whistles to lure away as many non-Straw Hat guards as possible.

Throw a boulder at this Straw Hat, then snipe the officer at the south gate.

Clear the west side of the gate. There’s a large stack of crates you can use as cover to lure non-Straw Hat guards behind and kill one at a time. With the right timing, you can shoot and slash the four guards directly west of the south gate.

Don’t forget you can also use the large boulder to score an “accidental” kill on one of the straw hats. Target the one Straw Hat at the base of the watch tower that’s facing the gate. He’s the most annoying to get. When he’s dead, clear away everyone else (save the two Straw Hats facing away from the gate, flanking the road, for last) and snipe the officer in the gate itself to escape without raising an alarm.