Shadow Tactics Walkthrough | Mission 2: Nakasendo Road

In Mission 2: Trouble on the Nakasendo, you’re given even more freedom to complete the mission however you see fit. Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun gives you certain heroes for each level, and you have to figure out how to win under those limitations. That makes this the first truly tough job in the game so far, and one that’s very difficult to complete without raising an alarm.

So difficult that this time around there is no badge for completing the mission without raising an alarm. That’s right — there’s no real “penalty” for alarming the soldiers here. That’s why we’re also throwing in a bonus objective; how to kill all six officers. There are six officers, but you only need to kill four. We’re going to explain how to take them all down, and how to earn a few extra badges in the process.

Table of Contents – Shadow Tactics Walkthrough

Walkthrough | Mission 2: Trouble on the Nakasendo


Step #1: Kill 4 Officers

Here, Hayato only needs to kill four of the six officers patrolling the route. Officers are easy to spot – they have flags on their backs. You only have Hayato to start with. That’ll change soon.

No need to kill the first two guards. Use a stone to distract the guard standing still and sneak by. In the bushes ahead, you’ll encounter Yuki, another new hero.

NOTE: Yuki is a resourceful child thief comes equipped with a trap and a whistle. The whistle lures enemies to her position, but the trap is what’s important. It takes time to setup, but kills anyone that steps into it. Yuki is the slowest when carrying bodies, and her whistle has a wide area of effect, so be careful that you don’t lure too many guards at once. Press [L2 / LT] to see the range of her whistle when it is equipped.

Draw the standing guard around the corner and into a trap, then lure the second guard watching the road. Sneak closer, set another trap, hide in the bush and whistle to lure him in. Avoid the civilians on the road – instead, let’s hunt our first officer.

Kill the Straw Hat and shuriken / lure + trap the officer when he inspects the area.

Officer #1: Climb the grassy wall before approaching the civilians to reach the curved section of road with the pair of steer. There’s an officer patrolling here, and a Straw Hat watching guard. Get behind him and kill the guard with Hayato, then leave a trap waiting – the officer will walk directly into it. Or, when he finds the missing guard, use a shuriken when he explores near the cliffs to the south.

Whistle to lure the officer (and the patrolling guard) to the big rock to safely crush them both.

Officer #2: The second officer is on the far-west corner of the map. Sneak onto the cliff north of the pair of steer, then hop across the wagon roofs to reach the western officer. We can’t just jump-kill him – you’ll need something more clever. Notice the big boulder? Use Yuki’s lure whistle and push the boulder to crush the patrolling guard and the officer at the same time! … remember to quicksave before whistling, it’s easy to miss.

Use Hayato’s stone to startle the ox after clearing the opposite shore.

Officer #3: The third officer is on the western shore of the stream, standing behind an ox. Get to the cliffs above, and toss a stone from Hayato’s inventory onto the ox. Spook it, and the ox will kick the waiting officer, delivering a killing blow! There’s just one problem – a guard across the river will spot the corpse every single time. Save this kill for later – let’s clear the two Officers on the northern shore first, and kill the two sentries – one looking toward Officer #4 & #5, the other on the stream looking toward Officer #3. When they’re down, go back and toss a stone at the ox for an easy officer kill. Hide the body in the water, too!

When Yuki drags bodies, she stays low — you can move bodies without being seen in the dark view area.

Officer #4: The officer is standing in the middle of the route on the northern edge of the map. Reach him safely by hopping across the wagon parked in the canyon to reach a ledge where Hayato can safely jump down into the water. The wheels to the wagon are broken, but there are too many guards around to avoid an alarm. Clear the patroller, then sneak behind the wagon and remove both brakes. You can use Shadow Mode, or just remove one, and remove the other when the guard meets the officer – take them both down to save yourself some trouble! Use Yuki to drag the bodies away – she stays low when she drags and can hide in the dark zone of enemy view cones.

Lure the officer into a trap away from prying eyes.

Officer #5: This officer slowly patrols near Officer #4. When you crush Officer #4 with the wagon, immediately set a trap up the hill, out of view of the sentry down the road. Whistle with Yuki to lure him into the trap and you’ll have four officers defeated.

Use Shadow Mode to simultaneously kill the sentries. The two sentries looking at each other won’t see a thing.

Officer #6: The last officer patrols near the signal statue. Take out the patrolling guard (that walks the path from the bridge to the statue grove) then enter the garden with Yuki and Hayato. Kill the left guard while the officer is talking to the right guard. Distract the conversation with a stone if you need more time to stab and drag with Yuki. Quickly kill the upper-right guard (position Yuki or Hayato in the northern bushes) then shuriken the officer when he realizes one of his guards is missing.

Step #2: Give the Signal

You can call Mugen by entering the bush next to the statue at any time, but killing all six officers makes this easy. You can skip to the end or pick any officers you want to kill on the way. Kill all six to get a badge. That makes the level easier anyway.