Shadow Tactics Walkthrough | Mission 6: Hida Village

Hayato and the gang must eavesdrop on drunk guards in Mission 6: Spies in Hide Village. This Shadow Tactics mission takes the title to heart — you’ll have to stick to the dark areas of the map and avoid the light. At night, guards have especially weak vision, but anyone standing next to a bright fire suddenly becomes easy to spot, even at long distance. Crouching won’t help you hide here.

This is a deceptively complicated mission that, in essence, isn’t really that tough. We’ve got a simple, straightforward path that leads directly to victory and won’t require many takedowns. You can rely on stealth and distractions for this mission, even if the final objective seems pretty tricky. We’ll show you have to eavesdrop without taking any lives with the step-by-step guide below.

Table of Contents – Shadow Tactics Walkthrough

Walkthrough | Spies In Hida VIllage


Kage-sama’s army is on the march, and the Shogun sends your three ninja to investigate Hida Village. There’s a strong rebel presence here, but the civilians are friendly. They won’t report you if you’re seen. At the start of the mission, Aiko won’t yet have her disguise. Yuki, Aiko and Hayato start with three shots for their flintlock pistols.

NOTE: This is a night mission, so view cones are a little bit different. When in the darkness, enemy view cones are smaller, with more dark area. But, light sources generate a bright area where you can be seen whether you’re standing or crouching. Keep that in mind while exploring Hida Village.

Small torches can be extinguished. Stand close and interact to put them out, but if a guard sees, they’ll come over and re-light the torch. Use this to draw guards away from the pack!

View distance is severely limited at night. Unless you’re standing near a light!

Step #1: Eavesdrop on Rebels

At the start of the mission, you have two options – infiltrate the tavern of the stable. Both are valid paths, but we’re going to aim for the tavern. To do that, we’ll need to reach the dock, swim to the northern camp and steal a disguise for Aiko.

Reaching the Dock: To get to the dock, sneak north past the burning pyre. There’s a narrow space you can easily slip through between the sentry on the street. Above the houses, there are two guards facing each other, and a third patrolling. Put out the torch near the house to draw in the patrolling guard with Yuki or Aiko then drag him to the bushes. Back on the road, use a shuriken to kill the guard with the torch – his limited view cone makes him easy pickings.

Ignore the samurai and use shurikens to easily cut through the patrols near the dock.

Hide in the bushes and pick off the patrolling torch-wielding guards around the shooting samurai’s target practice. No need to deal with the samurai, just clear the patrolling guards and shuriken the man on the dock. Now you can access the water with all three ninja and go to the northern camp. We’re going to get a disguise.

Getting Aiko’s Disguise: Aiko’s disguise is located in the northern corner of the map, hanging near a soldier camp that’s swarming with guards. We’re going to take a seemingly complicated path to get there – go to the dock with the floating wooden log bundles, then take the road west, then north up and into the back of the tavern. There are stairs leading up to barely-guarded path into the camp.

Sneak up the road and use the stairs guarded by the samurai to sneak behind the tavern.

Enter the tavern area from the stairs where a samurai periodically watches. You can slip by the few guards without any tricks – just stay in the dark zones of their view cones and hide in the bushes. You can actually completely eavesdrop on the talking officer without a disguise if you carefully plant all three ninjas in each corner, but let’s go for the disguise.

Sneak behind the tavern with Aiko to the secret camp entrance. There’s a sitting Straw Hat – when his view cone swivels, you can slip behind him and get the sitting Straw Hat, then kill the standing Straw Hat nearby. With those two Straw Hats dead, you can easily access the disguise – watch for the patrolling trio and you’re good to go.

Follow the rebel with Aiko (while disguised) until the eavesdropping meter is full.

Eavesdropping at the Tavern: With the disguise in Aiko’s arsenal, swap to your new outfit. You just need to avoid the prying eyes of the samurai on the western entrance to the tavern. He’s often distracted, so he won’t stop us from eavesdropping. Wait for the samurai to watch the entrance or talk to the guard, then follow the officer with the white circle until the meter fills to completion.

Step #2: Regroup

When the meter fills up, meet up in the alley behind the tavern with all three characters. There’s more to this mission, but we’ve got all the equipment to learn General Okkoto’s plan.

Hide Aiko in the bush within the eavesdropping circle.

Step #3: Eavesdrop on Okkoto

General Okkoto is in the village just south of the tavern, right off the street we used to infiltrate the tavern. That makes things easier – you can exit the tavern, just backtrack and enter the village area. Put on Aiko’s disguise for a simple trip to Okkoto’s position.

Okkoto is meeting on a balcony near the lake with a samurai. Both the general and the samurai can see through Aiko’s disguise. When the general faces the samurai, Aiko can enter the bush inside the general eavesdropping circle and hide. You’ll lose the disguise, but Aiko can still escape.

Use Hayato’s stone and sneezing powder to distract these guards to escape.

Step #4: Leave

Directly east of the bush in the general’s eavesdropping circle, there are vines Aiko can climb on the structure. Use sneezing powder to blind one guard, and use a stone from Hayato to distract the guard facing the bush – that should give you enough time to reach the vines and escape the village with Aiko. No kills necessary.

Now you can backtrack to the dock we used to reach the tavern in the first place. When you regroup, it’s mission complete.