Photorealism Is Here! This Unreal Engine 4 Fan Tech Demo Proves It

Don’t let it be said that we are years away from photorealistic graphics! User Art by Rens is proving that right now, with using the right functionality, we may be able to have graphics so realistic that we may mistake it for a photograph.

The scene created through the Unreal Engine 4 photogrammetry and Nvidia’s VXGI solution for real time lighting and global illumination. While there are no other effects such as wind, physics, environmental interaction it’s still brilliant to see the capabilities of tech that exists right now.

The size of the demo is kept to a small area and will allow the player to walk around or control a virtual camera and be able to capture images or video. Players will be able to change the field of view, aperture, focal distance, depth of field methods and more. While sure, we may not see this kind of implementation in studios in the next year or so, it still stands as a testament for what we can expect in the near future of gaming.