Shadow Tactics Walkthrough | Mission 9: Kage-sama’s Camp

It’s time to end the rebellion as the Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun team ambushes the evil Kage-sama in his hidden camp. Your first encounter with Kage-sama is a tough, open-ended mission that gives you all five characters to use at once. You’re free to tackle the situation as you see fit — the map is centered around the titular camp, and there are guards everywhere.

Breaching the camp is the hard part. There are hostile civilians, watch towers, and too many soldiers on patrol to count. Once again, the team is split into two small groups, but clearing the bamboo forest will allow the heroes to regroup. Don’t forget about Mugen’s hand cannon — his ability to kill armored opponents at long range means you can actually kill the patrolling samurai and his soldiers with a Shadow Mode ambush.

Table of Contents – Shadow Tactics Walkthrough

Walkthrough | The Death of Kage-sama


Kage-sama is in your sights. Like Mission 8, you’ll start at opposite ends of the map. Mugen / Yuki / Hayato start on the northern pass, and Aiko / Takuma wait on the southern ridge. Kage-sama is in the center of the small camp, and he’s well-guarded by a large retinue of soldiers.

Step #1: Take Kage-sama

The goal of this mission is seemingly simple – enter Kage-sama’s camp, and carry Kage-sama out alive or dead. Easier said than done. Let’s get started.

Sake (and Mugen’s Sword Wind) can wipe out this three-man patrol.

Mugen / Yuki / Hayato – Reaching the Camp

Sneak south to the first group of three soldiers. Use the well and tent to hide, then kill all three – Yuki on the sitting guard, Mugen with Sword Wind on the talking guards. Move to the large rock and watch out for the trio of patrolling guards – behind this large rock, lure the standing guard watching the vine on the raised hill with the two Straw Hats into a trap.

When that guard is gone, shuriken the Straw Hat at the top of the vine wall, climb up and clear the second sentry on the hill. You can also lure the trio of regular guards away to the empty camp area with a sake bottle – if one patrolling guard sees it, they’ll all go.

The whistle / trap combo will help clear the bamboo grove of annoying patrols.

Clearing The Bamboo Grove: After clearing out the hill, move east to bamboo grove that’s being chopped down by slave labor. The slaves here are much easier to predict than the slaves to the west of the camp. Use Hayato’s stone to distract the sitting (developer named!) guard and kill the Straw Hat on the rocky ledge in the northeast corner. Use a whistle / trap combo to kill the guard standing at the bottom of the rock cliff, too.

Near the working civilians, there’s another Straw Hat watching the area at the base of a vine wall. His view cone is weird enough that you can actually sneak along the civilians / bamboo, reach him, and kill him. You’ll need to distract the developer-named guard again, and kill the guard that patrols near the slave laborers – whistle and trap him behind the large rock on the upper cliff. Lure the rest with sake, and we’ll be ready to link both teams together outsde the camp.

Create a path for both teams to regroup — lure the soldiers here with sake while blinding the straw hat.

Aiko / Takuma – Cutting A Path

There are two watch towers on the east and west sides of the camp. Killing the guards in these positions is imperative. With Aiko, move east and kill the red sentry on the hill watching the brown mud pit.

NOTE: Takuma can’t leave his perch on the high cliff. His sniper rifle will be incredibly useful – use two shots to kill the guards in each watchtower.

With the bamboo field cleared, Mugen can move to the eastern edge of the map. Lure the pair of talking guards with sake behind the large boulder – they’ll both go investigate, so use Sword Wind to wipe them out – Aiko can help – use sneezing powder on the straw hat watching the pair of soldiers. Kill the straw hat near the west tower – with proper timing, Mugen can kill him and escape sight. Use sneezing powder or other distractions to give yourself more time.

To get rid of the patrolling samurai, ambush with Mugen’s cannon and flintlock pistols.

Everyone – Clearing the Southern Camp

Lure the Samurai / x2 Guards south toward the field facing the mud pit. The sake bottle will attract them. It can be tricky, but killing these soldiers will make escape that much easier. Use Mugen and two ninja guns to instantly finish these jokers.

Clearing the South Ridge: Aiko and Hayato can work well together to clear the southwestern ridge. There are several pairs of soldiers facing each other. Use Shadow Mode to simultaneously kill them – start on the hill, then the two south of the camp. When the south wall of the camp is clear, it’s time to start drawing the guards out.

Use whistle lures and traps to remove the standing guards from Kage-sama’s camp.

Capturing Kage-sama: All of the guards in the camp proper are non-straw hat soldiers. That means they can be lured outside with whistles and sake. When you’ve lured enough out, simply sneak inside – swap to non-lethal, knock out Kage-sama, and grab him with Mugen.

Step #2: Leave

After grabbing Kage-sama, the mission will immediately end. There’s no need to leave – it was an ambush!