Valheim: More Free Ways To Light Up Your Base | Unique Lighting Guide

There’s more to lighting up your home in Valheim than building a bunch of braziers and calling it a day. The warm light of a nice fire — that’s always comfy — but sometimes we’re after something a little different. If you want to give your base an ethereal glow, or just want alternative methods to make your home look as unique as you are, we’ve combed through all the different items and selected the ones that give your home a different kind of glow.

Best of all? You don’t need to refuel these light sources! Normal fires need fuel to light up, but these mystical sources of light always give you a little glow — even if they won’t scare away monster spawns. If you’re sick of refueling light sources or want some unique lighting, try these alternative methods to add more light (and color) to your HQ.

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Thistle glows at night, so if you’re looking for a light source that only turns on in the dark, Thistle is a great plant to you. It gives off a blue light.

You can find Thistle in the Black Forest or the Swamp. It’s best to go hunting at night when the thistle glows — it’s much easier to find that way, naturally. Thistle spawns in 1-5 bunches.

Swamp Key

The Swamp Key can also be used to light your home. The Swamp Key gives a slight green glow, so you can plant it anywhere that needs an extra sickly source of highlight. You can cheat in Swamp Keys — getting them isn’t easy. The Swamp Key drops from the Black Forest biome boss.

Surtling Trophies

Surtling Trophies generate a fire-like light without fuel. Like you’d expect, Surtling Trophies are rare drops from Surtling enemies in the Swamp biome. They can be placed on an item stand for display to make them into better light sources.

They don’t give off much light though. Just a little — you can create your own Surtling Trophy farm by digging beneath the water line near a Surtling spawner. The water kills the Surtlings, and you can reap the rewards.

Yellow Mushrooms

And finally we have glowing Mushrooms. You’ll find these glowing guys in the Black Forest or in the Swamps. In the Swamps, they’re only found in Sunken Crypts. Like thistle, Yellow Mushrooms give off a gentle yellow glow — so if you want to light stuff, make sure to collect lots of them.

Sick of using up fuel? You can try these alternate options for lighting up your base at night. For more fun, try using pots and placing light sources inside them — they’ll glow like bulbs!