Final Fantasy 15: Sylvester Map Locations | Scraps of Mystery Guide


The ‘Scraps of Mystery’ side quest in Final Fantasy 15 sends your team of perfectly-coifed black-clad boys on a search for hidden treasure maps throughout the overworld. These maps can be pretty tricky to find, so we’re here to provide a handful of tips to point you in the right direction.

With each map you find, you’ll begin a different phase of the quest — there are 14 map pieces in total, with 28 scraps and each separate quest unites the disparate pieces to form a single complete map. Look, if that doesn’t make sense, just keep scrolling.

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Sylvester Map Locations | Scraps of Mystery Guide

All map pieces require 2 scraps to complete. Find one scrap, and the second scrap will appear on your map in a large search area.

Map Piece A

  • Scrap #1: The Callaegh Step – Find this at the four-way intersection motel. Look on the porch’s left side.
  • Scrap #2: The Callaegh Step – Look on a mineral deposit following the road south from the motel.

Map Piece B

  • Scrap #1: Prairie Outpost – Look for the small building with the long awning covering up a handful of rusted junkers. Around the side of this building, there’s a wooden cart that contains this scrap piece.
  • Scrap #2: Keycatrich Ruins – There’s another wooden cart behind a low ruined wall near the tall corner barrier outside the ruins.

Map Piece C

  • Scrap #1: Mineral Deposit – Go to the small concrete platform with a water tower that’s south of the large base (western edge of the Weaverwilds), the scrap is in front of the building.
  • Scrap #2: The Three Valleys – Find a hunting area just above the “Three” part of “The Three Valleys” on your map. There’s a large skeleton here — look behind the fallen wall sections to the left.

Map Piece D

  • Scrap #1: Esterleiden Blockade – Along the blockade bridge, look behind the red barriers in an abandoned lot to find this scrap.
  • Scrap #2: Crestholm Channels – Take the stairs down from the blockade bridge into this high-level dungeon. Continue through the dungeon until you drop down from an open ceiling. Continue straight ahead through the forward doorway — look left just as you enter the next hallway through the open passage doorway.

Map Piece E

  • Scrap #1: The Three Valleys – North from [Piece C – Scrap 2] there’s a ruined structure next to a massive pipe. Look beneath the pipe on metal scaffolds to find this piece.
  • Scrap #2: Longwythe Peak – Directly beneath the “Longwythe Peak” label on your map, there’s a large mountain. On the west side of this mountain, there’s a large rock you can climb onto. Get up on that rock to find this missing scrap.

Map Piece F

  • Scrap #1: Cauthess, The Disc – On the northeastern base of the mountain (between the Disc and Nebulawood), find a parking lot pitstop along the road. Next to the right junk car, there’s a scrap piece.
  • Scrap #2: ¬†Alstor Slough – Southwest of the Slough proper, find the base of the massive rock landbridges. The map scrap is found along the edge.

Map Piece G

  • Scrap #1: The Malacchi Hills – In the center of the oval-shaped blue road on your map, look for three yellow-roofed buildings. Look underneath the steps on the front-most building.
  • Scrap #2: The Malacchi Hills – Above the “Ma” on the map, look for a forest hunting ground. Near the end, there’s a massive geometric square stone. Look behind it to find this scrap.

Map Piece H

  • Scrap #1: Cauthess Rest Area – Look in the back-right corner of the open hangar.
  • Scrap #2: Mencemoor – Find the crash site beneath the Mencemoor title on your map. At the crash find this scrap beneath the submerged ribbing.

Map Piece I

  • Scrap #1: Toelpar Rest Area – Find the piece outside the rest area, along the right exterior wall.
  • Scrap #2: Schier Heights – Past the tunnel along the southern road, there’s an enclosed forest hunting ground with a trail. Stick to the rock wall on the right to discover this scrap.

Map Piece J

  • Scrap #1: Kelbass Grassland – West from the large settlement, there’s a fenced-in oil derrick. Look in one of the low windows to find the scrap piece.
  • Scrap #2: Kelbass Grassland – Going directly south from the settlement, find this one in the rocks to the right of another metal tower.

Map Piece K

  • Scrap #1: Pallareth Pass – There’s a ruined building up on the hill across the street from the Alpine Stable. Look inside.
  • Scrap #2: Lestallum – From the main area, take the alley to the right of the double sets of stairs and turn left to find a crossroads. Follow the left path, and just as you get up the steps, look to the left wall. The scrap is on the caged door.

Map Piece L

  • Scrap #1: Meldacio Hunter HQ – Look for the building with the porch next to a shed. Search behind the porch-building to find this scrap near a stack of barrels.
  • Scrap #2: Pallareth Pass – On the first curve of the winding road, there’s an abandoned concrete bunker to the left of the road.

Map Piece M

  • Scrap #1: Malmalam Thicket – Up in the thicket, there’s an old woman running a shop from a small fenced cottage. Look around the left side of the cottage.
  • Scrap #2: Leirity Seaside – Go to the lighthouse point and ride the elevator up to the deck. There’s a photo spot and a map scrap up here.

Map Piece N

  • Scrap #1: West of the River Wennath and south of the large settlement, there’s a fork where two of the green-marked roads meet. Look for a rickety shack between the two roads. Left of that shack there is a rusted car. The map piece is in the car.
  • Scrap #2: Greyshire Glacial Grotto – Inside the dungeon, slide down two ice-slides to reach a larger chamber. Hop down one level after landing, then follow the path right to a dead end with this scrap.

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