Final Fantasy 15: How to Fight Lvl. 99 Adamantoise | Optional Boss Guide


What looks like a strangely-detailed mountain in the overworld is actually an enormous post-game boss battle in Final Fantasy 15. After finishing your adventure, there’s one final challenge to overcome — the unstoppable Adamantoise. This massive turtle is literally the size of a mountain, and fighting it is going to be a challenge for any team that isn’t properly prepared.

Despite its size, this creature is totally beatable. See how to unlock this optional boss, and all the best ways to prepare (and battle) with the tips and tricks right here. Defeating this ultimate Final Fantasy 15 boss will unlock the gold Tortoise Toppler achievement / trophy, and get you one step closer to 100% completion.

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How to Find Lvl. 99 Adamantoise | Optional Boss Guide

To begin the quest to topple this mountainous monster, you’ll first need to reach the end-game. That means you’re required to complete Chapter 14 and defeat the final boss. Once that’s done, you can begin the hunt for Adamantoise.

  • WARNING: Adamantoise is Level 99 — it is the toughest opponent in the game.
    • You must restart the battle from the beginning if you die, even on Easy difficulty.
    • Adamantoise has 5 million HP. It is also the size of a mountain — you can see it on your map while exploring.

If you think you’re ready (helps to be Level 50+, but it’s possible to defeat as low as Level 40) then keep scrolling to see how to unlock the side quest to defeat Adamantoise.

Let Sleeping Mountains Lie | Side Quest Guide

  1. Complete the main story.
  2. Talk to Cindy at Hammerhead Outpost and accept the quest “Let Sleeping Mountains Lie”
    • Accepting this quest will revive Adamantoise, making it available to battle in the overworld.
  3. Talk to the Hunt NPC in Hammerhead Outpost and accept the “Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe” hunt.
  4. Waypoints will show you where to find Adamantoise’s exact location.

Now that you’re on the hunt for Adamantoise, here are some tips that’ll make the battle much easier to handle.

Adamantoise Boss Battle | Tips and Tricks

  • How to Prepare:
    • Get to Level 50+
      • The higher your level, the easier this battle will be.
    • Reach Cooking Level 10 and eat “Golden Tail Soup” before the battle.
      • Golden Tail Soup increases health recovery and critical hit chance.
    • Purchase Health Potions, Magitek Boosters and Muscle Stimulant.
      • Magitek Boosters remove MP cost on spells for a short time.
      • Muscle Stimulant increases damage output for a short time.
    • Purchase “Warp Factor II” to increase your Warp damage.
  • Boss Battle Tips:
    • Watch for the predictable attack patterns and avoid when necessary.
    • Hit the right foot with Warp-Strike (enhanced with Warp Factor I and Warp Factor II) until the eye is exposed.
    • When the eye is exposed, use Muscle Stimulant and Magitek Booster and focus on the eye. It will be exposed for a short time, and with the right preparation, you can deal 9999 damage per hit.
    • Don’t use Holy weapons — Adamantoise is immune to Holy damage.

Follow those tips, and Adamantoise will eventually fall.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked:

  • Tortoise Toppler:
    • Defeated the adamantoise.

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