Final Fantasy 15: Run Infinitely With This Instant Stamina Refill Trick


Final Fantasy 15 introduces the dreaded stamina bar. After a short amount of time, your stamina meter will drain and you’ll have to pause that sprint to recharge. Because that mechanic gets in the way of running forever everywhere, players naturally discovered a solution to escape the drudgery of momentary slowness. See how to keep your spring going forever with the ultra-quickie guide.

Stamina meters are really more of a Western game developer thing, right? Metal Gear Solid 5, another Japanese-developed game with open-world elements, did away with the stamina meter — opting for an endless sprint for its protagonist. Not that any of that stuff matters, because internet super-sleuths have totally made the FF15 stamina thing obsolete anyway.

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How to Keep Your Sprint Going Forever

The trick to getting infinite sprint is easy.

  • At the very end of your sprint, just as your character begins to slow down, press the sprint button again to instantly refill your stamina.
    • Repeat this (tap the button against just as your sprint completes) to keep the sprint train going.

That’s basically it. Very, very simple — but if you’re looking for a video explanation, check out the demonstration from Youtuber Random Chievo’s.

See? There’s nothing to it. As shown in the video above, the trick is all about waiting for Noctis to raise his head — while sprinting, his head is low — and tapping the button at just the right moment. Seeing as there is a lot of running to do in Final Fantasy 15, you’ll have plenty of time to practice.

We don’t recommend sprinting on the road. Final Fantasy 15 is the first in the series to introduce your own personal vehicle — a car you can use to drive from outpost to outpost across the overworld map. Sprinting is just for when you’re exploring the environment, and if you don’t want to spend the cash to rent a Chocobo.

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