Final Fantasy 15: Complete Achievements / Trophies Guide


Final Fantasy 15 takes the RPG formula to an open-world format, allowing your party of young men to explore the world of Regalia. That means there’s plenty to do, and lots of difficult achievements / trophies to unlock. Most are easy — you’ll unlock almost all of these achievements / trophies in a normal playthrough, but there are a few that are going to be a challenge.

That’s why we’ve put together a guide, tackling every optional challenge and secret side quest. Here you’ll find tips to max all four skills, how to defeat Adamantoise, what it takes to unlock the flying car, and lots more in-depth tutorials.

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Achievements / Trophies Guide

[STATUS: Complete — All optional and missable achievements have been added.]

There are a total of 50 achievements and 51 trophies in Final Fantasy 15. None are too difficult, but the maximum skill challenges will take lots of time — be prepared for 60 hours minimum to complete the story, along with an additional 30~ hours to complete the rest of the side-quests and reach Level 10 in all skills.

To find the achievement / trophy you’re looking for, press [CTRL+F] and enter the name in the search bar.

Secrets & Challenges – Achievements / Trophies

Faithful Heir

“Collected thirteen royal arms.”

Royal Arms are a special class of weapon — no enemy is resistant to a Royal Arm, and all come with significant stat increases over other weapons of the same class. There is a downside though; Royal Arms drain your life when using them. You can still equip a Royal Arm and gain the benefits of their stats even if you don’t want to use them in combat.

There are 13 Royal Arms in total — 7 are collected as you progress through the main game, while 6 are optional and can only be collected by exploring Royal Tombs and other dungeons. All the Royal Arms can be collected in the post-game.

  • Royal Arms Locations:
    • Sword of the Wise
      • Location: Chapter 2 – Earned during “Legacy” main quest.
    • Axe of the Conqueror
      • Location: Chapter 2 – Earned during “The Power of Kings” main quest.
    •  Swords of the Wanderer
      • Location: Chapter 3 – Earned during “Sword in the Waterfall” main quest.
    •  Blade of the Mystic
      • Location: Chapter 4 – Earned during “The Archaean” main quest.
    •  Katana of the Warrior
      • Location: Chapter 10 – Earned during “The Hand of the King” main quest.
    •  Trident of the Oracle
      • Location: Chapter 12 – Earned during “Breath of the Glacian” main quest.
    •  Sword of the Father
      • Location: Chapter 13 – Earned during “A King’s Struggle” main quest.
    •  Shield of the Just
      • Location: Thummels Glade, Tomb of the Just – Royal Tomb reward. (No dungeon / enemies.)
    •  Mace of the Fierce
      • Location: Ravatagh Trail, The Rock of Ravatagh – Dungeon completion reward (Level 30).
    •  Scepter of the Pious
      • Location: Maidenwater, Malmalam Thicket – Dungeon completion reward (Level 35).
    •  Star of the Rogue
      • Location: The Vesperpool, The Myrlwood – Dungeon completion reward (Level 35).
    •  Bow of the Clever
      • Location: The Callnegh Steps, Balouve Mines – Dungeon completion reward (Level 50).
    •  Sword of the Tall
      • Location: The Fallgrove, Costlemark Tower – Dungeon completion reward (Level 55 – Night Only).

Tortoise Toppler

“Defeated the adamantoise.”

To begin the quest to topple this mountainous monster, you’ll first need to reach the end-game. That means you’re required to complete Chapter 14 and defeat the final boss. Once that’s done, you can begin the hunt for Adamantoise.

  • WARNING: Adamantoise is Level 99 — it is the toughest opponent in the game.
    • You must restart the battle from the beginning if you die, even on Easy difficulty.
    • Adamantoise has 5 million HP. It is also the size of a mountain — you can see it on your map while exploring.

If you think you’re ready (helps to be Level 50+, but it’s possible to defeat as low as Level 40) then keep scrolling to see how to unlock the side quest to defeat Adamantoise.

Let Sleeping Mountains Lie | Side Quest Guide

  1. Complete the main story.
  2. Talk to Cindy at Hammerhead Outpost and accept the quest “Let Sleeping Mountains Lie”
    • Accepting this quest will revive Adamantoise, making it available to battle in the overworld.
  3. Talk to the Hunt NPC in Hammerhead Outpost and accept the “Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe” hunt.
  4. Waypoints will show you where to find Adamantoise’s exact location.

Now that you’re on the hunt for Adamantoise, here are some tips that’ll make the battle much easier to handle.

Adamantoise Boss Battle | Tips and Tricks

  • How to Prepare:
    • Get to Level 50+
      • The higher your level, the easier this battle will be.
    • Reach Cooking Level 10 and eat “Golden Tail Soup” before the battle.
      • Golden Tail Soup increases health recovery and critical hit chance.
    • Purchase Health Potions, Magitek Boosters and Muscle Stimulant.
      • Magitek Boosters remove MP cost on spells for a short time.
      • Muscle Stimulant increases damage output for a short time.
    • Purchase “Warp Factor II” to increase your Warp damage.
  • Boss Battle Tips:
    • Watch for the predictable attack patterns and avoid when necessary.
    • Hit the right foot with Warp-Strike (enhanced with Warp Factor I and Warp Factor II) until the eye is exposed.
    • When the eye is exposed, use Muscle Stimulant and Magitek Booster and focus on the eye. It will be exposed for a short time, and with the right preparation, you can deal 9999 damage per hit.
    • Don’t use Holy weapons — Adamantoise is immune to Holy damage.

Follow those tips, and Adamantoise will eventually fall.

High Five for Justice!

“Played JUSTICE MONSTERS FIVE for the first time.”

JUSTICE MONSTERS FIVE is an arcade minigame available to play in Regalia. Find it in the Longwythe Rest Area Outpost — the machines are found inside the Crow’s Nest Diner, to the left just as you enter.

The game costs 10 gil to play, and it’s a real arcade minigame! But you don’t have to actually play. After paying the toll, you’re allowed to back-out and the achievement / trophy will unlock.

Chosen King

“Defeated Ifrit on Normal difficulty.”

To unlock, you’ll have to fight this battle in Normal Difficulty. Even if you’ve played the entire game on Easy, you can switch to Normal before the boss. You’ll encounter Ifrit as you progress through the game, and he cannot be missed.

Immortal Photobomb

“Caught an image of Gentiana in a photo.”

After meeting Gentiana in Chapter 5 of the main story, Gentiana will randomly photobomb one of the photos that Prompto takes. There’s nothing you need to do to get Gentiana to photobomb, all you need to do is wait and scroll over one of the pics where she appears.

Prompto’s photo selection occurs when your party goes to rest at a hotel or campsite. After Chapter 5, always scroll through the photos to see if Gentiana drops in. Make sure you’re always scrolling through photos at every opportunity and you’ll always unlock this achievement / trophy.

Transportation – Achievements / Trophies

Regalia Pilot

“Flew the Regalia Type-F.”

The Regalia Type-F is a flying upgrade to the Regalia, your car and main form of transportation in Final Fantasy 15. Instead of switching to an airship the Regalia Type-F transforms into a flying car while driving on a road at speed. Once it takes off, you can fly freely throughout the environment — but it only lands on solid roads.

To unlock the Regalia Type-F upgrade, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the main story.
    • Certain side quest required for unlocking the Type-F upgrade can be completed earlier in the campaign, but the Type-F can’t be earned until all 14 chapters are complete.
  2. Go to Formouth Garrison (Large base in Leide) and approach to unlock the side quest.
    • “Formouth Garrison: Find a vantage point to scout out the base.” — will appear when you get near.
  3. Complete the side quest to earn the “Strange Engine” item.
    • Gaining this item will start the “Into Unknown Frontiers” side quest.
  4. To complete “Into Unknown Frontiers” you’ll need to collect 3 parts; the Strange Engine, Warped Wings, and Unstable Stabilizer.
    • Strange Engine: Earned for completing “Formouth Garrison” side-quest.
    • Warped Wings: Earning while completing Chapter 5. Can’t be missed.
    • Unstable Stabilizer: Earning while completing Chapter 6. Can’t be missed.
  5. Return to Cindy at Hammerhead Outpost and deliver all three parts.
    • That completes the “Into Unknown Frontiers” side quest, and Cindy (Cid!) will upgrade your vehicle.

Now you can take to the skies! You can’t land just anywhere though — only roads, but this optional upgrade still makes travel a breeze.

Chocobo Jockey

“Rode a Chocobo.”

Chocobo aren’t available to ride from the start. You’ll need to complete a quest at the Wiz Chocobo Outpost, available after Chapter 3.

  1. Go to Wiz’ Chocobo Post (Duscae) and complete the “Friends of a Feather” side quest for Wiz.
    • Talk to Wiz and accept “A Behemoth Undertaking” to kill Deadeye.
  2. Return to Wiz Chocobo Post after killing Deadeye.

After turning in the quest, special yellow “Rent-A-Bird” terminals will become available to use. To rent a Chocobo, interact with the machine to purchase a ticket and the amount of days you want to rent the Chocobo. The Chocobo will only be available for the select amount of time and will return to Wiz once the time limit is up.

  • Chocobos can be rented for 50 gil per day.

Once you purchase a Chocobo rental ticket, you can call a Chocobo to you at any time in the field.

Press [R2/RT] + [Left/Right on the D-Pad] to call a Chocobo.

That’s how you can start riding Chocobos. They’re living, breathing creatures that can take care of themselves, so you won’t need them at your side during the whole rental period. They’ll leave and appear when they’re called into action.

Learner’s Permit

“Drove the Regalia.”

The Regalia is your car and unlocks early in the story. This achievement / trophy is impossible to miss.

Skills – Achievements / Trophies

There are four skills in Final Fantasy 15 — Fishing, Survival, Photography, and Cooking. Earning max level in all four of these skills is the longest and hardest task to complete if you’re going for 100%. Below we’ll cover tips and tricks to make earning these achievements / trophies easier.

Angling Rookie

“Improved fishing level for the first time.”

Angling Expert

“Reached maximum fishing level.”

To improve your fishing skill fast, you’ll need to catch lots of rare fish. To do this, you’ll need the best fishing equipment and a great spot to fish — Vesperpool fits the bill on both counts.

  1. Purchase high-level reel and fishing rod from the Vesperpool fishing shop.
  2. Equip and start fishing at Vesperpool. The more rare fish you catch the better.
  3. Take a break at a campsite to increase your rank to make catching easier.
  4. Continue to catch!

Vesperpool is the best fishing spot in Final Fantasy 15. If you’re willing to dump 3-5~ hours (depending on your luck) then you’ll max out this skill.

Survival Rookie

“Improved survival level for the first time.”

Survival Expert

“Reached maximum survival level.”

Survival will also take a very long time to complete, but you can use the same trick — use a rubber band to move around automatically. You don’t need to sprint, just moving around is enough to get what you need.

  1. Attach a rubber band to your controller stick so that your characters run in circles.
  2. Leave the game on for hours. Check back once an hour to rest the party or make sure you’re still moving and haven’t got caught up on geometry.
  3. Let the team run around for a full day or more, depending on your progress in the story.

You’ll do lots of running as you play, so this will be unlocked naturally during the story — the game in total takes about 50~ hours to complete, and the survival skill requires about 25-30~ hours of running.

  • To speed things up, you can also use the infinite sprinting trick. With Noctis, just as you’re about to run out of stamina, press the sprint button again — wait for him to slightly straighten up, then hit sprint to refill your stamina bar instantly.

Photo Rookie

“Improved photography level for the first time.”

Photo Expert

“Reached maximum photography level.”

The toughest skill to max is photography. Right away, you’ll want to unlock the ability to take combat photos.

  • Purchase the “Snapshot” Ascension to take photos during combat. This costs one Tech Bar.
    • Purchase “Tech Strike / Tech Damage / Quick Tech” to recharge your Tech Bar faster.
  • To fully max this skill, you’ll need to take pictures during every combat encounter, every time Prompto gets a Tech Bar.

That’s going to take a long time, but there’s another way — one that requires a little less input.

  • Strap a rubber-band to your controller to automatically walk around. Prompto will take pictures every 3~ minutes or so. That’s 20 pictures per hour.
    • You’ll need about 1,200~ pictures to completely max out your photography skill.

Thankfully photography isn’t that useful, so maxing it out doesn’t have to be a priority. No matter what, it will take a very long time.

Cooking Rookie

“Improved cooking level for the first time.”

Cooking Expert

“Reached maximum cooking level.”

It doesn’t matter what type of food you cook to increase the cooking skill — start with the basic ‘Mystery Meat Sushi’ and cook it about 60-75~ times to completely max out this skill, unlocking the best recipes in the game.

  1. Purchase Luncheon Meats (100 Gil) from vendors in Lestallum.
  2. Buy about 60-75~ meats — you’ll need them to cook ‘Mystery Meat Sushi’
  3. Cook 60-75~ ‘Mystery Meat Sushi’ using (1) Luncheon Meat per cook.

Using this method, you can max out the cooking skill in about 20 minutes of grinding.

Progression – Achievements / Trophies

These are achievements / trophies connected to your character progression. They’re not too hard to unlock, and should be easy to get as you continue through the game. You’ll unlock 50 ability nodes while working to complete the side quest achievements / trophies.

New Power

“Learned first ability.”


“Activated 20 ability nodes.”


“Activated 50 ability nodes.”

Quadruple Threat

“Equipped four weapon slots.”

Combat – Achievements / Trophies

Another set of unmissable combat-related achievements / trophies. You’ll unlock these as you progress through the main story.

Just Hangin’ Around

“Performed first point-warp suspension.”


“Issued first ally command.”

Blind Spot

“Performed first blindside link.”

Noct You Like a Hurricane

“Initiated first link-strike after parrying an attack.”

The Power of Kings

“Called forth the Armiger for the first time.”

Magical Worker

“Crafted a spell for the first time.”

Black Mage

“Used magic for the first time.”

Divine Intervention

“Summoned one of the Six for the first time.”

Side Quests – Achievements / Trophies

Side quests are obtained by visiting outposts, restaurants, or other enemy locations — Royal Tombs and enemy encampments will unlock quests as you explore the environment. You can also select to go on Hunts, where you’ll encounter an especially tough monster. Continuing on to Chapter 9, you’ll be locked out of side quests, but you can complete any side quests you missed in the post-game after completing Chapter 14.

Spinning a Yarn I

“Completed first sidequest.”

Spinning a Yarn II 

“Completed 5 sidequests.”

Spinning a Yarn III

“Completed 10 sidequests.”

Spinning a Yarn IV

“Completed 20 sidequests.”

Spinning a Yarn V

“Completed 40 sidequests.”

Weaving a Tapestry 

“Completed 80 sidequests.”

My First Hunt

“Completed first hunt.”

Story Completion – Achievements / Trophies

These achievements are earned for completing chapters in the story and they cannot be missed. Simply complete the main story and you’ll earn them all. Set the game to “Easy” to disable death if you’re having trouble.

Insomnia’s Waking Nightmare

“Completed the Prologue.”


“Completed Chapter 1.”

No Turning Back

“Completed Chapter 2.”

The Open World

“Completed Chapter 3.”

Living Legend

“Completed Chapter 4.”

Dark Clouds

“Completed Chapter 5.”

A Way Forward

“Completed Chapter 6.”

Party of Three

“Completed Chapter 7.”


“Completed Chapter 8.”


“Completed Chapter 9.”

The Heart of a King

“Completed Chapter 10.”

In the Dark

“Completed Chapter 11.”

End of Days

“Completed Chapter 12.”


“Completed Chapter 13.”


“Completed Chapter 14.”

Check back soon for new updates and entries.