Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – Surveillance Recordings Locations


Listen in on the city with these locations for surveillance recordings, the collectible audio logs of Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. Each recording reveals a snippet of story if you’re into that kind of thing, and more importantly you’ll work towards those 100% completion trophies or achievements.

These are commonly found throughout the city and can be collected while free-roaming or while parkouring through missions. Here you’ll find locations, separated by section, with a list of textual tips to help make grabbing these recordings a breeze.

For more audio action, listen to the Chvches-made theme song for Catalyst, or learn more about the open-world exploration with this developer preview, revealing just how “huge” the city of Glass has become.

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Surveillance Recordings Locations

Track collectible progress through the map menu. There you’ll find the number of collectibles found in each area and how many you’ve collected.

[UPDATE: June 19th – Added mission collectibles for Mission 4: Back in the Game, Mission 5: Savant Extraordinaire, Mission 6: Benefactor, Mission 10: Viva La Resistance, Mission 11: Prisoner X, Mission 12: Thy Kingdom Come, Mission 13: Family Matters, Mission 15: The Shard.]

Mission 1 – Release:

  • N/A

Mission 2 – Old Friends:

  • N/A

Mission 3 – Be Like Water:

  • N/A

Mission 4 – Back In The Game:

  • Surveillance Recording #1: Ride the elevator up and crawl through the vents. Exit and jump using the two swing poles. Turn right to spot this audio log on the break table.
  • Surveillance Recording #2: Found in the BIOENGINEERING area with the holographic projector in the center, after exiting the second vent shaft. Look near the small steps in the back right corner of the room.

Mission 5 – Savant Extraordinaire:

  • Surveillance Recording #1: At the start of the mission, you’ll climb a long passage. Once you reach an object you’ll need to springboard off of, stop and look in the alcove ahead.
  • Surveillance Recording #2: While escaping, you’ll need to grapple to a hanging black art fixture and enter a vent on the wall. The recording is directly on your right as you drop down.
  • Surveillance Recording #3: At the very end of the mission, Faith will need to jump out a window and ride a zip-line out of the building. Before you do, turn around and you’ll find an open window to a balcony. Hop down to the lower area and look in the back-right corner to discover one final recording.

Mission 6 – Benefactor:

  • Surveillance Recording #1: Continue up to the “Climb the Tower” objective and follow the left path to another wallclimb/quickturn challenge. On the blue level, continue to the back-left hallway. There’s an orange room with white boxes. Cross the first box, then wallrun back into the hallway you just entered, climbing into a small area with a dead end alcove on the right.
  • Surveillance Recording #2: Move further into the mission until you reach the huge crane. You’ll get a good view of the ladder up into the crane. Jump down to the platform beneath the ladder. The recording is on the platform.

Mission 7 – Fly Trap:

  • N/A

Mission 8 – Sanctuary:

  • N/A

Mission 9 – Encroachment:

  • N/A

Mission 10 – Viva La Resistance:

  • Surveillance Recording #1: After shutting down the turret control, Icarus will tell Faith to meet him on the roof. From the target control box, turn around to spot the recording.
  • Surveillance Recording #2: This one is hard to miss. After jumping off the crane into the second tower, look in the very first room you enter following the main path. The recording is on the right if you follow the runner’s vision line.

Mission 11 – Prisoner X:

  • Surveillance Recording #1: After entering the KSec building through the vent, follow the right wall in the maintenance room. Look right on the machinery down the steps to spot this recording.
  • Surveillance Recording #2: Reach the under-side of the tower skybridge and turn left. There’s a courier symbol with this recording on the catwalk.

Mission 12 – Thy Kingdom Come:

  • Surveillance Recording #1: Dropping into the actual facility, you’ll pass by a lab on the right and springboard up to a hallway and turn left. On your left, there’s a long dark optional passage. The recording is found at the very end of the  hall.
  • Surveillance Recording #2: Further in the stage you’ll encounter this recording right on the catwalk while moving through the transitional path between enemy encounter areas. Found directly along the main path and hard to miss.

Mission 13 – Family Matters:

  • Surveillance Recording #1: In the apartment building lobby, climb up to the upper level above the waiting armed guards. Using the poles, you’ll jump up to blue fluorescent fake trees. Turn left and look in the seating area to grab the recording.
  • Surveillance Recording #2: Inside Kruger’s massive apartment, go upstairs and turn right instead of turning left and reaching his office. The recording is on a table next to the window.

Mission 14 – Tickets, Please:

  • N/A

Mission 15 – The Shard:

  • Surveillance Recording #1: Climbing up into the destroyed section of the Shard, Faith will comment about the “serious wreckage” before using the grapple to pull up to the crumbling platforms. Wallrun, and the recording is on a bench straight ahead.
  • Surveillance Recording #2: At the very top of the Shard tower with the helicopter pad, look at the tiny steps leading up to the helicopter platform to grab this recording.

Free Roam Collectible Locations

Collectibles found in the map, outside of missions.

Zephyr Transit Hub:


Triumvirate Drive:

Surveillance Recording #1: Found under a stairwell near the skybridge connecting Triumvirate Drive to Charter Hill. Move up the stairs and look under the steps next to a “C7” sign. This is one of two Omnistat Gold audio logs featuring the voices of Battlefield: Bad Company.

Charter Hill:

Surveillance Recording #1: Found in the center of Charter Hill, on the building across from the wedge-shaped billboard. Look on the air-conditioning units.

Centurian Yards:

Surveillance Recording #1: Climb the tall structure with black windows on the exterior edge of the area facing Triumvirate. Jump toward the upper catwalks of the twin square skyscrapers. The audio on a catwalk near the back-facing billboards. 

Surveillance Recording #2: Back In the Game (Mission 4) – Ride the elevator up and crawl through the vents. Exit and jump using the two swing poles. Turn right to spot this audio log on the break table.

Surveillance Recording #3: Back In the Game (Mission 4) – Found in the room with the holographic projector in the center, after exiting the second vent shaft. Look near the small steps.

Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for more collectible locations.

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