Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Dev: City Of Glass Is “Massive;” More Details On Offline Competitive System

Mirror's Edge Catalyst

EA DICE’s Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is just a few weeks away, and it is highly-anticipated and awaited by fans of the franchise.

Gameplay Producer Jeremy Miller was recently featured in an interview, in which he talked about several topics concerning the game’s development, the size of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s city and the pros of using an offline competitive system.

First, Miller talked about how he and the staff members discussed the idea of adding a co-op or an online multiplayer mode, but ultimately decided to implement the offline competitive system, which allows you to compete against other players in Time Trials and Beat Location Emitter. He also explained the concept of Dashes.

“We have quite a few! Dashes allow you to compete against the times of other players on along runner designed races, you can create your own challenges that will appear in a friend’s games. There are two types: Time Trials, which are a checkpoint race player create themselves and Beat Location Emitters (Beat L.E.s) which are a sort of Geo Tag you can use to create a puzzle for a friend or to show other players a cool or difficult spot you discovered a path to.”

“We explored many different features and directions and we really feel that the offline competitive system we’ve gone with produces the best player experience for this game.”

He also described Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s world as “massive,” however, he didn’t provide an estimate or compared it to the previous games, so we will just have to wait and see for ourselves how big it truly is.

“Massive! Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is Faith’s origin story as she grows from a runner, just released from prison, into this amazing unique hero. This means that the places you will experience are the places that are meaningful to Faith and the culture of Runners, and you will definitely get many opportunities to see the breadth and beauty of it.”