FF7R: Intermission – How To Beat Pride & Joy Mk. 0.5 | ‘Ultimate Weapon 2.0’ Guide

The hardest secret boss of Final Fantasy 7 Remake returns in INTERgrade. The PS5 upgrade adds a new set of chapters starring Yuffie, an elite ninja dispatched from Wutai to claim the Ultimate Materia from Shinra. After beating the story, you’ll be able to replay in Hard Mode — and face off against another ridiculously hard boss. In the Chapter 2 Combat Simulator, Yuffie and her ally Sonon can take on the prototype of Pride & Joy, a massive battlemech piloted by Scarlet and Heidegger in the original FF7. This special boss, called Pride & Joy Mk. 0.5, is one of the hardest for your two-person team. Considering you’ve only got two party members and only one that’s playable, this boss is even harder this time around.

Below, we’ve got loadout suggestions, battle tips, and more to help you defeat the (second) hardest boss in this DLC. You’ll need to grind levels and reach the maximum before you can even attempt this fight.

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Ultimate Weapon 2.0 Trophy Guide

To unlock Pride & Joy Mk. 0.5, you need to complete the story mode for INTERmission on any difficulty. Once you finish Chapter 2, you’ll be able to revisit the Combat Simulator and take on new challenges.

To fight Pride & Joy Mk. 0.5, you need to play Yuffie & Sonon vs. Top Secrets. This fight features three bosses — Bahamut + Ifrit, Ramuh, and then Pride & Joy Mk. 0.5.

  • Recommended Loadout: Before attempting this boss, you’ll want to reach Level 50 and fully upgrade your Materia as much as possible. Also fully upgrade your weapons. This fight is ridiculously difficult. I recommend replaying the DLC on Hard Mode before even attempting it.

Yuffie Loadout: Boomerang, Cthonian Armlet, Supernatural Wristguards (For maximum Phys & Mag Def)

  • Materia: HP Up x2, MP Up x2, Ice + Elemental, Healing, Revival, Time, Steadfast Block -or- Parry

Sonon Loadout: Marshalist’s Staff, Force Bracelet, Healing Carcanet

  • Materia: HP Up x2, MP Up, Healing, Barrier, ATB Assist, Skill Master

Yuffie will be your main damage dealer, and Sonon will assist with heals and support magic.

Top Secret | Battle Tips

For these battles, you want to follow a basic series of action. Charge up your ATB meters, use Haste on both Yuffie + Sonon, and then unleash Synergized Art of War. Disable Synergy so Sonon recharges ATB faster after using both bars, and use Yuffie’s long-range attacks to recharge at a safe distance.

When you reach Pride & Joy, the real fight begins. The same tactics work — until Pride & Joy grabs Sonon. Target the right arm with attacks, constantly dodging and staying out of close-range. Use your ranged attacks until you can release Sonon — using Haste on yourself.

When Sonon is free, you can continue to build ATB and unleash devastating Synergized Art of War. Watch out for the boss’s Brute Force and Beam Cannon attacks. Even if you just touch the Beam Cannon, you’ll take extreme damage. Avoid both attacks with dodge-rolls.

Use Curaga when you can, and Haste. You’ll have plenty of time after a Beam Cannon or Brute Force attack — the boss is immobile for a period of time, so you’re fine to cast. This fight is all about generating ATB and using your strongest attacks. Save your Ramuh summon and use it during this battle. Ramuh does a good job distracting the boss so you’re free to charge ATB, attack, and use powerful synergy attacks. Once you manage to stagger it, the battle is over.