Rumor Suggests Final Fantasy 7 Remake Will See PS5 & PC Announcement This Year

Final Fantasy is an iconic RPG franchise that’s been around for decades and is still going strong today. However, some classic installments get talked about more than others, and of those have been Final Fantasy VII. The installment was an instant classic and for years fans have been pleading with Square Enix to remake the game for modern console platforms. It took several console generations to do it but we finally received a remake for the PlayStation 4.

The remake launched last year for the PlayStation 4 and only showcases a part of the original Final Fantasy VII campaign title. We’re going to receive this game in parts but at this point, we’re uncertain just how many parts the game will take before the studio can retell the story as intended. Likewise, the game only launched last year for a last-generation console platform. Rumors have suggested that there are other platforms that this title would see a release on, but at the moment, we’re still awaiting that fabled announcement.

Now an industry insider from the ResetEra forums, KatharsisT, has answered a question by another user within the forum. KatharsisT was asked if they knew anything about the upcoming rumored PlayStation 5 video game release as a previous rumor suggested that the PlayStation 5 launch would be a standalone game rather than an update to the already released PlayStation 4 build. While the industry insider didn’t have any knowledge about if the game would be releasing as a standalone version or an update they did have some insight as to what platforms it will be coming out to this year.

According to the insider, we can expect an announcement soon for the PlayStation 5 release of Final Fantasy VII Remake this year but alongside that announcement, we’ll get a reveal for the PC version release. This is not all that surprising to see the remake hit the PC platform, but it does make us wonder if we’ll see the game hit the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S platforms as well.

Source: Resertera