Black Ops Cold War: Outbreak – How To Fight Orda | Season 3 Boss Guide

The massive undead Orda boss has made its debut in Outbreak, the free-roaming twist on the normal Call of Duty Zombies formula. For those that didn’t make it to the end of Firebase Z, the more traditional Zombies map in Black Ops Cold War, Orda is the faceless giant zombie boss waiting for you at the end of the Easter egg quest. If you’ve fought that boss, Orda doesn’t work the same way in Outbreak. For one, he roams the map freely — a totally new behavior and animation set that shows the devs aren’t just lazily throwing this guy into an alternate mode.

Fighting Orda doesn’t require complex Easter egg solutions this time around. But, we’ll still offer a few tips and explanations for dealing with this guy. He’s a lot harder this time around, and if you try to fight Orda without being prepared, it can easily wipe your team. If you’re serious about taking on one of the biggest zombies to ever stomp out of Zombies mode, this is what you need to know.

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Where To Find Orda

The giant zombie Orda spawns after Round 2 on all Outbreak maps. It will randomly appear on the map, and begin roaming around freely. It will not attack you if you stay away from it. It only attacks if you provoke it by getting too close or by shooting it.

How To Beat Orda

Orda is an enormous and dangerous optional boss. It slowly chases after you, shooting demon dogs from its arm-cannon and stomping the ground if you get close. The best way to fight it is by keeping as much distance as possible between you and it. Aim for the hole in its “head” area to deal maximum damage while firing at it.

Rayguns (and Wonder Weapons) are highly recommended here. Try Pack-A-Punching your weapons twice for double damage to take it out faster. Otherwise, just stay far away and shoot down the hellhounds before they land. They can be destroyed mid-air.

Defeating Orda will give you a Max Ammo, and has a chance to drop the Ray Gun or the Rai K-84 Wonder Weapons. You’ll also get Tier 4 or Tier 5 weapon drops — even on low rounds. An Orda defeat guarantees some incredibly useful weapons. It drops about six weapons, so plenty for your entire squad to choose from. There’s also a chance it will drop free Perks, so definitely worth doing when you’re ready to take it on.

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