Best Minecraft PS3 Seeds

Seed: Grasslands

  • You spawn between two villages and two fungal biomes. ONe of the villages has a diamond in it, with which you can use to gain early access to high-end gear.

Seed: -9112652585177887426

  • This is described as a “really good” starting seed, as it allows you access to a lot of materials you need to survive straight away, plus a diamond cache.

Seed: -1763857877073745322

  • This seed contains all biomes, has many rivers, and nice mountain formations. Good for Survival mode.

Seed: 4920100203156183566

  • This seed is superflat.

Seed: -751060556

  • This seed contains a nice mountainous coastline and spawns pretty much next to a rainforest.

Seed: -1818728667348084098

  • All biome are present on this map. You spawn on a mushroom island.

Seed: 692160497

  • If you’re looking for a fairly flat map made up of snow, this is it.

Seed: 1541307

  • It spawns you on a huge island in the middle of the ocean with tiny other island. There is a stronghold right under the spawn.

Seed: 322073403795967889

  • You spawn in a Village, with a blacksmith. Near your spawn is a giant cave system which branches out into different sections. In one section, if you look carefully enough, there is an abandoned mineshaft, with a skeleton spawner inside of it.