Best Minecraft PS3 Seeds


  • Spawns you right next to a Mesa biome, and there’s an Ocean Monument just offshore. That’ll give you an early source of gold to loot.


  • Diamonds, diamonds, and more diamonds. This seed features over 70+ diamonds with (relatively) close proximity to your spawn location. Here’s a short list of coordinates to help get you started. Coordinates and seed discovered by Youtuber Skrausy.
    • Diamonds Locations:
      • x: 179 y: 12 z: 274 (x8)
      • x: 168 y: 15 z: 281 (x2)
      • x: 184 y: 14 z: 240 (x2)
      • x: 176 y: 14 z: 223 (x4)
      • x: 130 y: 12 z: 248 (x8)
      • x: -412 y: 14 z: 376 (x1)
      • x: 91 y: 15 z: -22 (x6)
      • x: 389 y: 12 z: -217 (x3)
      • x: 261 y: 11 z: -313 (x6)
      • x: 106 y: 13 z: 240 (x5)
      • x: 147 y: 13 z: 142 (x2)
      • x: 137 y: 14 z: 73 (x4)
      • x: 64 y: 4 z: 69 (x3)
      • x: -3 y: 13 z: 142 (x2)
      • x: 22 y: 12 z: 249 (x8)


  • Enter the End quick with a portal (with silverfish spawner) at x:247 y:34 z:-68 — there’s also a Witch Hut at x:-973 y:61 z:1125. That’s a long trip from spawn, but still a worthwhile landmark.


  • Set the map size to Classic to enjoy a village at spawn, along with five more nearby villages in the area. Just a simple seed with everything a console MC player will need to get started safely. Easy access to a river next to the village and a desert biome, so there should be plenty of sugarcane to cultivate.

1.36 Seeds


  • This seed offers an island perfect for any survival mode playthrough. There’s lots of trees and even a village near the spawn point.


  • This seed will spawn you directly within a village. There are four nearby farms with wheat, carrots, potatoes and beetroot. Cows, trees, sheep, chickens, reeds and squid can also be found nearby for quick harvesting. Villagers can be found within a few hundred yards.


  • This seed contains an acasia village and four desert temples.


  • When you spawn, dig straight down and you’ll eventually arrive in a hollow cave. Keep digging until you find yet another cave beneath the earth. Don’t dig down any further. Instead, explore the cave and you’ll find redstone, lapis lazuli and iron ore. There are exposed diamonds within, as well.

1.35 Seeds


  • This seed offers lots of land for building larger structures into and around its environment. It features a lot of mountains with flat tops and flatlands in general. The seed also contains many islands that are interconnected as well as individual islands set farther apart. The stronghold near the spawn contains a lot of mineshafts, ravines, and even a few villages.


  • This seed contains very large biomes, an underwater stronghold and even a flooded village. You’ll want to move around quite a bit on this world because everything’s spread out. It’s a fantastic seed if you’re looking for a challenge.