Best Minecraft PS3 Seeds


This is a unique seed as it features a shipwreck that is right along a village. If you want  a new interesting map to enjoy then give this one a try for its wacky village placement.



This seed is said to offer quite a few villages nearby which means you’ll have an easy time gather resources or reaching a place of safety when adventure starts bleeding into the night leaving you open to deal with enemies.



Here’s a good challenge seed. Players start right at the top of a Woodland Mansion which means that you’ll have to face against a number of enemies without anything but your bare fists. Looking for a risk? Give this seed a try.



This seed is a great option if you’re looking for a survival game with a village. In fact, this seed contains four villages combined. Likewise, there is in fact a blacksmith available within this massive village It’s worth noting that the image supplied from the source is not correct, but you will find a map that’s focused around towns. From the spawn location, you will need to follow the river in order to find the village location.



This seed is great as it has just about everything you could want in a game. You’re going to find fourteen villages, a stronghold, six mineshafts and at least five dungeons.

  • Ocean Ruins: -1859, 39, 33
  • Desert Temple: 779, 73, 1224
  • Mineshaft: -969, 63, 523
  • Village: 5, 66, 386
  • Village: 181, 65, 930
  • Village: 21, 65, 930