Best Minecraft PS3 Seeds

1.39 Seeds


  • Load up on treasure with this insane seed, filled with over 200+ diamonds, 30+ emeralds, and two villages right where you spawn. Check out the complete list of coordinates right here, there’s way too much to fit into one entry. If you’re looking for a well-documented seed, this is a great place to start.


  • Want a fun survival map? Here’s a tiny grassy island with a connected water village. There’s a Blacksmith shop attached, so you’ll be able to start smelting right away. Beneath the island, you’ll find endless deep caverns to explore and loot to keep your village going strong.


  • Start right next to a Jungle Village and a Jungle Temple in this overgrown seed full of treasure and pumpkin patches. Here are just a few coordinates you’ll want to explore. Coordinates and seed shared by CraftyMinecraft on the Minecraft forums.
    • Ocean Monument: X:311 Y:62 Z:201
    • Abandoned Mineshaft: X:624 Y:40 Z:7
    • Minecart Chest: X:616 Y:40 Z:9, X:580 Y:27 Z:92
    • Pumpkin Patch: X:-85 Y:71 Z:432, X:-288 Y:66 Z:-404
    • Witch Hut: X:707 Y:66 Z:-278
    • Skeleton Mob Spawner: X:821 Y:64 Z:1119


  • Set your map size to Large and spawn right at a village, with lots of goodies in the surrounding areas. There are igloos with basements (with underground diamonds!), tiny towns with blacksmiths, libraries, an End Portal… basically plenty of everything. Here’s a shortlist of everything worth checking out:
    • Blacksmith / Desert Temple: X:599 Y:69 Z:-689
    • Village w/Blacksmith: X:753 Y:65 Z:516
    • Igloo w/basement: X:-171 Y:72 Z:1176
    • Igloo w/basement + 7 Diamonds: X:-174 Y:8 Z:1179
    • Mushroom Island: X:-103 Y:65 Z:-359
    • Witch Hut: X:1556 Y:67 Z:260, X:-668 Y:73 Z:-313
    • Pumpkin Patch: X:-389 Y:69 Z:-59, X:-365 Y:67 Z:736
    • End Portal: X:-950 Y:44 Z:-87
    • Stronghold Chests: X:-943 Y:45 Z:-89, X:-925 Y:43 Z:-81, X:-920 Y:36 Z:-102. X:-948 Y:43 Z:-105
    • Stronghold Libraries: X:-939 Y:42 Z:-112, X:-924 Y:42 Z:-105
    • Dirt Room w/2 Diamonds: X:-920 Y:12 Z:-54
    • Find even more locations here.


  • A compact Desert biome with three (3) Temples, (4) Villages all within 300 blocks. They’re hard to miss when they’re so close together, giving you plenty of early locations to stop and explore right when you start a new seed.


  • Set your map size to Classic to collect plenty of Diamons, get to an End Portal, fight through Zombie Dungeons and explore one of the new Igloos with an attached basement. You’ll spawn in a Taiga biome village, and everything else is at these coordinates:
    • Igloo w/Basement: X:-299 Y:292 Z:66
    • Mineshafts: X:-216 Y:156 Z:-391
    • Zombie Dungeons: X:-27 Y:-230 Z:55 / X:-65 Y:-165 Z:33
    • Stronghold w/End Portal: X:135 Y:64 Z:41
    • Diamonds: X:-78 Y:-125 Z:-140 / X:-117 Y:14 205 Z:-19 11
    • Minecart Chests: X:-152 Y:116 Z:25 / X:-230 Y:130 Z:29