Fallout 76: Wastelanders – How To Encounter The New Wendigo Colossus Monster | Best Spawn Locations Guide

There’s a new nightmare waiting in Appalachia for the most experienced players in Fallout 76 to tackle — the Wendigo Colossus. This rare critter only appears in specific locations, and it spawns so infrequently, there are really only a handful of spots you’ll want to search. The biggest challenge is acquiring Nuke keys — unlike the standard Wendigo hordes, they’ll only spawn in a nuke’s blast zone.

Wendigos are a new cryptid found exclusively in Fallout 76, and the Wendigo Colossus is a powerful variant added in the free Wastelanders expansion. The expansion adds two major NPC factions that players can join, including new towns to explore, dialogue trees, and basically everything else players want out of a Fallout game. The Wendigo Colossus is an impressive new monster, and if you’re looking to fight one with friends, here’s where you’ll want to look.

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In the southern Appalachia region, there are two hot-spots that make farming for Wendigo Colossus spawns easier. The Wendigo Colossus will only spawn in a nuke blast zone, so you’ll need to nuke the red areas marked on the map above — each area has two possible spawn locations, making these the best possible spots to nuke.

If a Wendigo Colossus doesn’t appear in the area marked with a green dot, clear the encounter, kill all the enemies, and move on to the other spot. You can re-check these locations after about 5 minutes has passed. An ‘Assault’ event can be found at these spots. There’s only a 7% chance that the Wendigo Colossus will spawn, so you’ll have to keep trying. Check your locations in the blast zones, make sure all the enemies are cleared, and then check again after the Assault event has respawned.

There really isn’t any special reward for defeating the Wendigo Colossus. It’s just a cool creature, so who wouldn’t want to fight it at least once? Happy hunting, vault dwellers!

Source: [Huxley on Steam]