Valorant May Release On Console Platforms 

Riot Games may be best known for League of Legends, but the game development studio has been working on branching out to other video game releases. In the coming years, you may think less about the MOBA title from Riot Games and more for their diverse video games released into the market such as Valorant. This is one of the upcoming titles being released as a free-to-play FPS that blends attributes of both CSGO and Overwatch.

It’s been a hot topic as of late for gamers as the title’s been available in closed beta. For those wanting access to the beta, the would need to watch Valorant streams on Twitch and hope to get a code dropped in their account. As a result, fans that are even slightly interested in the game are spending plenty of time watching, playing or even streaming the title online. 

As mentioned, the game is a mix of the high precision FPS mechanics that you would find in the likes of CSGO while mixing in heroes with unique abilities and attributes similar to Overwatch. This ultimately results in not only a strategic game but one that can become chaotic or potentially unpredictable. Unfortunately, for a good while now it looked like Valorant was going to strictly be a PC only title but that may not be the case forever. The Express Online was able to get a comment from Joe Ziegler, the game director behind Valorant. According to Joe Ziegler, the door has not been closed on the possibility Valorant would release on other platforms outside of PC.

While we didn’t get much more than a potential for the upcoming title to launch on consoles, it does leave some hope that we could see this game launch on the likes of current-generation consoles or even next-generation platforms. In the meantime, Valorant is in closed beta with a launch seemingly still set sometime later this year. 

Source: Express