Resident Evil 3 Remake: How To Farm For Shop Points Fast | Infinite Weapons Guide

If you’re looking to unlock the best stuff in the Resident Evil 3 remake shop, you’ll need to earn lots of points — and the easiest, most reliable way to earn points is to kill zombies. In total, you might only kill about 200 zombies per campaign run, and that’s only if you’re really aiming to clear each area. Thankfully there are easier ways to farm zombie kills.

All kills are cumulative, so they’ll count even if you reload a save. The tally counts your grand total from all playthroughs, or just when you’re fooling around. There are kill challenges not just for total zombies killed, but for killing zombies with each weapon type — handguns, assault rifle, shotgun, grenade launcher and magnum.

To earn lots (and lots) of points, you’ll want to complete these kill challenges for each weapon type. Below, I’ll explain how to make all that way easier.

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The Shop unlocks after completing the RE3 remake campaign on any difficulty. Here, you’ll be able to buy items with points earned by completing challenges — the items you buy can be accessed from any Item Box on any difficulty level.

At the shop, you can buy special items that increase your power, defense, or melee attacks — and you can buy unique weapons or guns with unlimited ammo. The unlimited Assault Rifle is my personal favorite, and I highly recommend grabbing two Assault Coins as early as possible.

The best way to earn lots of BP is by completing the zombie kill challenges. Start by aiming for the weapon-specific kill challenges, then aim for the total zombie kills challenges.

  • NOTE: All kills count toward your total. Reloading and replaying a section will increase your total kill count, and the number won’t lower / be lost if you reload a save.

Each weapon is different, so let’s cover great places to increase your total zombie kill count and complete these challenges.

For all weapon challenges, I recommend buying both Assault Coins and holding them in your inventory. You’ll score more kills faster and use less ammo.

Handgun & Assault Rifle Kill Challenge:

Reload a save right before the siege event at the end of Carlos’s campaign in the Hospital. You can farm kills with both the Assault Rifle and the Pistol here — make sure to buy the Samurai Edge from the shop and use that instead of Carlos’s crummy starting handgun.

Simply reload and repeat this section using the Handgun to earn tons of zombie kills, then the Assault Rifle.

Shotgun Kill Challenge:

Reload a save at the Power Substation — save after getting poisoned by the Deimos, but before going inside. Save as much ammo as you can, then enter the bug nest — the bugs will almost always die in one shot with the shotgun.

Farm as many kills as you can, then reload. Rinse and repeat. The trickiest part is just making sure you have plenty of ammo, because the bugs here are endless. You can always restart the entire game and make it to this area pretty quickly, saving every shotgun shell for this moment.

Grenade Launcher Challenge:

This one is tricky. There is no great place to farm for zombie kills with the Grenade Launcher — if you don’t mind reloading often, go back to the Makeshift Bunker before the Clocktower Nemesis boss. You’ll find several Mine Rounds.

There are two groups of zombies (4 and 3) that you can wipe out with the Grenade Launcher. Just kill the 7 zombies and reload.

Alternatively, you can reload a save at the start of Hospital Pt. 2 when you get in control of Jill — just rush through the Underground Storage and NEST 2, using the Grenade Launcher as often as possible.

Magnum Challenge:

The magnum challenge seems difficult, but you can make it much easier by purchasing the RAI-DEN energy weapon from the shop. This tool also counts as a magnum-class weapon, and can be used by Carlos or Jill at any point in the game. You can reload the Carlos siege defense and use the RAI-DEN.

Otherwise, you’re stuck using it for NEST 2 or the Underground Storage area. Ammo is extremely limited, so you might only be able to get 8~ kills before having to reload a save.

Get all those kills, and you’ll be on your way to earning the most powerful weapons in the game. It’s extremely easy, and just takes some extra time to complete.