Google Stadia Free Tier Now Available With Pro Subscription Promo

If you remember back when Google first announced that they were getting into the online streaming service for gaming, it came with a lot of confusion. Users that were interested came in with the thought that Google Stadia would be the Netflix style service but for video games. Early rumors and speculation suggested that a monthly fee would give players access to countless video game titles to stream, but as time went on, Google clarified that this wasn’t the case. 

This streaming service was stated to offer two tiers. The free service would allow players to stream purchased video games through Google Stadia at 1080p resolution. However, the premium Pro subscription service would unlock a few more features, most notably the ability to stream at 4K resolution. Unfortunately, when the game subscription service kicked off, it only came with the Pro tier available. Now Google has confirmed that the free tier is readily available in most markets with others coming in the next few days.

For those that are just now getting into the streaming service will have a new promo available in which players that subscribe to Pro will get two free months right now. This can be used as a trial to where players can opt-out after the two months before having to pay the $9.99 monthly fee. With that said, it’s worth noting that the Pro version is not currently offering 4K streaming due to the current pandemic. More and more companies are trying their best to help keep the internet stable and for Google, that means dropping 4K streaming support for now.

With that said, the Pro tier of Google Stadia may be worth it for those that want a few extra video game titles to enjoy for free. Pro tier will come with a few free video game titles with more games being added in over time.

Source: IGN