Resident Evil 3 Remake: All Files Collectible Locations | ‘Bookworm’ Guide

You can’t play a Resident Evil game without grabbing a whole bunch of files. Resident Evil 3 keeps the grand tradition of notes, pamphlets, and papers filled with clues — you’ll find a total of 56 collectible files in RE3 remake, and we’ve got all the locations listed below in easy-to-follow text. For finding all of them, you’ll earn the ‘Bookworm’ achievement / trophy.

This is all about earning your way to 100% — and there’s another reason you’ll want to grab them all. For finding all the notes, you’ll complete an in-game challenge and unlock points for the shop. If you’re aiming to unlock all the best stuff, you’ll want to complete as many challenges as possible.

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All Files Collectible Locations

Files are notes, pamphlets and papers you’ll find throughout Resident Evil 3. For finding them all, you’ll earn points for the shop and get the ‘Bookworm’ achievement / trophy.


  • Jill’s Report: Apartment – In Jill’s Apartment, pinned to the conspiracy corkboard.
  • Investigation Notes: Apartment – On the same corkboard in the prologue.
  • Unsealed Envelope: Apartment – On the dresser, to the left of the corkboard.
  • Message from a Colleague: Apartment – On the dinner table.


  • U.B.C.S. Ammo Crafting Guide: Redstone Street Station – On the bench on the subway platform.
  • Tabloid Front Page: Redstone Street Station – At the lit-up news stand.
  • U.B.C.S. Herb Field Manual: Subway Station – On the table in the entrance room.
  • Drugstore Owner’s Journal: Downtown – In the second floor of the building across from the Redstone Pharmacy, use the catwalk path to reach the upper warehouse room with the safe.
  • Subway Employee’s Memo: Subway Office – Located in the office through the door near the [Fire Hose].
  • Kite Bros. Railway Manual: Subway Control Room – On a chair in the control room area.
  • Training Log: Garage – On the floor, next to the dead UBCS soldier.
  • U.B.C.S. Suicide Note: Garage Alley – On the ground in the dead-end alley outside the Garage, next to a dead soldier.
  • Electrician’s Note: Garage Alley – Pinned to the wall in the alley outside the Garage.
  • Fax from Substation Chief: Subway Power Station – On the desk opposite the control panel.
  • Green Herbs: They Work!: Subway Power Station – Outside the Save Room, downstairs on a work table near green herbs.
  • Substation Internal Memo: Subway Power Station – Pinned to the wall near a simple lock door.
  • Chad’s Notes: Subway Power Station – On the metal scaffolding up the ladder past the first power breaker.
  • Your Charlie Doll: Downtown Toy Uncle – Inside the Toy Uncle store. Use the lockpick to access and grab the file on the wall.


  • Map: Sewers Manager’s Office – On the wall.
  • Increased Security: Sewers Manager’s Office – On the wall near the northern lower waterway Electric Lock.
  • Research Assistant’s Log: Sewers Office – In the souther save room, on the desk.
  • Invoice from Gun Shop Kendo: Sewers Office – On the stepladder next to the Grenade Launcher.
  • A Love Letter?: Lab – On the desk near the simple lock locker.
  • Sewer Worker’s Note: Lower Walkway Sewers – Below the ladder shortcut, up the path from the Lab.
  • Notice of Demolition Delay: Demolition Site – At the upper level Save Room, find this note on a table near the typewriter.
  • Raccoon Reader’s Column: RPD Exterior Downtown – Past Kendo’s Gate, find this in the second floor bedroom.

Police Station

  • Email Outbox: Police Station Exterior – Before going inside the Police Station, turn around and go back through the courtyard to the underground tunnel. Look inside the room to find this note.
  • ID Card Security Protocols: Reception – On the bench near the locked case.
  • Internal Memo: Dark Room – Near the center desk.
  • Note to a Friend: 2F Shower Room – On the bench in the center of the locker room.
  • 3F Locker: Safety Deposit Room – Stuck to the board near the door.
  • Report on the Mansion Incident: STARS Office – Inside the small interior desk in the STARS Office.

Raccoon City Outskirts

  • U.B.C.S. New Weaponry Notice: Dilapidated Shelter – Found in the [Dilapidated Shelter] Save Room. The first when you regain control of Jill.
  • Clock Tower Brochure: Clock Tower Plaza – On a bench facing the waterfront.


  • Spencer Memorial Pamphlet: Reception – Next to the Padlocked Door.
  • Nurse’s Journal: Lab Reception – On the large desk.
  • Nurse’s Journal: Records Room – On the right-hand shelf.
  • Map: 2F – On the wall right outside the [Records Room].
  • Nurse’s Journal: Staff Room – On a desk in the center of the room.
  • Memos from Administration: Staff Room – Pinned to the wall near the interior door.
  • Note about a Tape Recording: Nurse’s Station – On the reception desk.
  • RE: Lost Items: Operating Room – Use the keycard to access the Operating Room, and don’t miss this note.
  • Banquet Invitation: Hospital 1F – Found next to Bard’s body in his voice-locked lab.
  • Email from Nathaniel Bard: Hospital 1F – In the same room as the invitation. Interact with the computer in the back of the room.

Hospital Pt. 2

  • Elevator Notice: Underground Storage Office – In the Save Room, next to the Typewriter.
  • Employee Memo: Underground Storage – Found in the room with two regular zombies and a naked Whitehead. Connected to the [Office] Save Room.
  • Unfinished Activity Log: Surveillance Room – Check the brightly lit computer monitor.


  • NEST 2 Employee Regulations: Storage – In the first Save Room of [NEST 2].
  • Essay on Vaccine Synthesis: NEST 2 2F – Found in the room with the [Vaccine Equipment].
  • Isaac Graves’s Diary: Nest 2 2F – In the dead end hallway, kill the zombie to find this file at the end of the hall.
  • Scientist’s Dying Message: Nest 2 – In the stairwell leading to B1, there’s a dead body with a note on the walkway.
  • Expression of Concern: Incubation Room – Located on the desk in the room where you’ll collect the [Liquid-Filled Test Tube].
  • Weaponry Authorization Request: Lab 1 – On the desk.
  • Disposal Center: Worker’s Break Room – Pinned to the wall near the exit door.
  • Weapon Spec Sheet: Staff Break Room – In the save room after fighting Nemesis in NEST 2.
  • Suspicious Contract Memo: NEST 2 – After defeating Nemesis, look for a ladder in the mangled remains. It leads to a small landing with this easy-to-miss note.

And that’s it! Enjoy your ‘Bookworm‘ achievement / trophy. It’s a whole lot easier to earn this time around. No need to replay (and look for) notes hidden on specific difficulties or character scenarios.

You can find these notes in any order, so if you didn’t get them all on one playthrough, you can grab the notes you missed in future playthroughs and still earn the achievement / trophy. Now that’s the kind of convenience I demand in my zombie apocalypse.