Resident Evil 3 Remake: All Weapon Upgrade Locations | Gun Parts Guide

Make your guns even better in Resident Evil 3 remake with weapon upgrades. Every gun has upgrade attachments that enhance your tools of the trade, giving your arsenal more oomph than ever before. Give your pistol twice as many bullets per magazine, make your shotgun shoot faster, and much more. Some of these upgrades are so good, you’ll kick yourself if you miss them.

And some of these weapon upgrades are extremely easy to miss. Resident Evil 3 isn’t exactly like the previous game — instead, you’ll be locked out of areas if you progress too far. And when Nemesis is chasing your heroine with a rocket launcher, you might not want to stop and explore. You’ll have to stop and stand your ground against Nemesis to get the harder-to-find upgrades — he’s carrying some of them, and you’ll have to knock him down to get the upgrade.

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All Weapon Upgrade Locations | Gun Parts Guide

Weapon Upgrades are rare collectibles that can be combined with specific weapons to enhance their abilities. Some weapon upgrades completely change how a weapon functions.

Dot Sight (Handgun): Downtown – Safe Code [7-10-3]. Found in the second floor of the building opposite Redstone Pharmacy.

  • Gives the G19 pistol a tighter crosshair. More accurate when standing still and when moving / firing.

Extended Magazine (Handgun): Downtown – Dropped from Nemesis when downed after leaving the Subway Power Substation.

  • Gives the G19 pistol an upgraded magazine that can carry 33 bullets.

Moderator (Handgun): Downtown – Another Nemesis drop. Down Nemesis after the cutscene where he infects a zombie with a parasite — it’s after programming the subway route.

  • It’s a silencer! Bullet grouping is improved and critical chance is increased.

Tactical Stock (Shotgun): Input two gems into the puzzle device in the [Subway Station] Save Room.

  • Improves the M3 Shotgun’s accuracy and recoil.
  • Gem Locations:
    • Red Gem: Donut Shop – Found in the Save Room.
    • Green Gem: Toy Uncle – Found in the Toy Uncle. Requires [Lock Pick].
    • Blue Gem: Convenience Store – Found in the Convenience Store on the same street as the Toy Store. Requires [Bolt Cutters].

Semi-Auto Barrel (Shotgun): RPD Exterior Downtown – Found in [Gunshop Kendo] after the [Demolition Site] boss battle.

  • Upgrades the M3 Shotgun to shooter faster and carry a total of 6 shells instead of 4.

Scope (Assault Rifle): West Office – Found in the locked security case. Use the ID Card found on Brad Vickers’ body.

  • The Scope tightens the Assault Rifle reticule. More accurate and less recoil.

Dual Magazine (Assault Rifle): Nurse’s Station – Found in a safe, in the [Hospital 2F]. Input the code [9-3] to open the safe.

  • The Dual Magazine increases the total capacity for each magazine to 64 rounds.

Tactical Grip (Assault Rifle): Courtyard – Drop down from the broken window in [Hospital 2F] and look for this easy-to-miss upgrade before hopping over the barricade.

  • Lowers recoil when firing in full auto.

Shell Holder (Shotgun): Underground Storage – Located in a case, in the lower level of the hospital. Go to the southeast corner of the room and lower the lift. In a small dead-end corner, you’ll find the upgrade.

  • The Shell Holder allows you to reload faster.

Extended Barrel (MAG): Surveillance Room – Once you find all three [Fuses] you’ll be able to ride the lift up to the Surveillance Room. Don’t miss the Extended Barrel in a case near the large window, behind the console.

  • Adds extra damage to the Magnum.

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