Division 2: Warlords of New York – Hang 4 Flags To Summon A Secret Boss | New York Hunter Guide

Go here to summon a secret hunter boss.

For fans of Easter eggs and mysteries, The Division 2 doesn’t disappoint — you can track down a bunker for a bonus WW2 costume, discover a weird secret society, and hunt down 12 hidden bosses called Hunters. Continuing that tradition of secret stuff, you can find even more Hunters in the DLC-exclusive New York map. These guys are even harder to find than ever before, and you’ll still earn unique masks for every Hunter you kill.

It isn’t as simple as shooting a lightbulb anymore. You’ll need to visit multiple locations — in this instance, you’ll need to find four flag locations. Finding all four flags is a total nightmare, but in this instance it’ll be easy — we’ve got all the flag locations in the gallery below, along with a full explanation for this strange puzzle. The trickiest part is just defeating these guys.

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Find this generator to activate the boss — you’ll need to activate it at night, then find all four flag locations.

[Work-in-Progress: We’re still looking for hunters! Check back soon for new updates.]

Step #1: Go to the Memorial Plaza just east of the Waterfront CP in the Financial District. There’s a generator — activate this generator at night so that four lights flash on the poles. The generator is located at the base of one of the concrete flag poles.

Step #2: After activating the generator, you’ll need to locate four flags to raise in this plaza. The flags are found all over the place, so check out the gallery for specific map locations.

  • Flag #1: Found at the Waterfront CP in the Financial District, on the beach through the Supply Room doors. Look
  • Flag #2: Found on a rooftop across from the Celebration Hotel CP in the Financial District. From the ground, look up at the brick building and shoot the yellow lock off the fence to reach the area with this flag.
  • Flag #3: On the large pier in the southeast corner of the Financial District Map — this is the Pier 26 side-mission zone. You’ll find it on the edge of the grass.
  • Flag #4: Go to the Financial District Safe House and find the flooded work site just to the south. Use the generator to pump the water out, then look on the ground near the ramp.

Step #3: Return to the Memorial Plaza where you started and raise all four flags by interacting with the poles. Use the generator one more time at night to summon the hunter and begin the fight.

Like always, the hunter is incredibly tough to kill — and he’ll drop a unique mask. You might want to invite some friends to the party.