Division 2: Warlords of New York – Solve The Laundromat Riddle To Spawn Bosses | New York Hunters Guide

Do you dare?

The secrets just keep coming in The Division 2. The ‘Warlords of New York’ introduces the Big Apple as a playable location, and there’s a whole lot of hidden stuff to discover. This particular puzzle sends you to various locations, collecting items and solving riddles — until you can finally activate a pair of unstoppable Hunter bosses. It’s an awesome little hidden ‘quest’ that’s well-worth giving a try.

It’s also one of the most complicated challenges the game has posed so far. You’ll need to use a Washing Machine, replace a broken Fuse Box, explore an abandoned apartment, go to an encoded location, and finally interact with a dead body. There are so many steps and locations — and we’ve got everything documented (with pictures) to make this Easter egg easier.

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[Work-in-Progress: We’re still looking for hunters! Check back soon for new updates.]

Step #1: Go to the laundry room west of the Gate CP in the Civic Center region. It’s inside a building marked “UDBG” on the corner. Go inside and ‘interact’ with the washing machine marked with a ‘23‘.

Step #2: After using the machine, the lights in the room will flicker and go out. Next, you need a replacement fuse. Travel to a garage just northwest of the Residential Building Safe House in the Two Bridges region — behind the building, there’s a fenced backyard you can climb into. Follow the yellow wire and shoot the yellow box to unlock the door — inside, you’ll find an open Fuse Box. Collect the fuses!

Step #3: Return to the Laundry Room and input the fuse in the open fuse box to restore power. Use the ’23’ washing machine again to get the ‘Apartment 23 Key’. The Laundry Room is also attached to an apartment building — go to the second floor and unlock the door. In the apartment, interact with the wall covered in numbers — the numbers are coordinates that point to an alley southwest of the apartment.

Step #4: Travel to the alley marked on the map above — the coordinates are part of the puzzle in Apartment 23. In the alley, look at the rooftop of a bricked building. Shoot down the rope, climb up, and follow the path to a hidden cache room. At the locked door, follow the yellow wires to the far-off yellow box you can shoot.

Step #5: Through the locked door, after shooting the yellow box, you’ll enter an apartment with text on the wall that says ‘DARE YOU TO COME CLOSER’ — interact with the dead burnt body under the text.

Step #6: Next, travel to the burnt building in southwest of the Civic Center region. The area is a smoking wreck surrounded by fire trucks. It’s the largest building south of the Gate CP — you can’t miss it. There’s a body near the yellow hose on the ground. If you’ve interacted with everything, you can now interact with this body.

That summons a pair of Hunters in the area. They’re extremely aggressive, and they’ll despawn if you die. I recommend bringing a few pals to the fight.