Division 2: Warlords of New York – How To Earn Specialization Points

To level up your Specializations in The Division 2, you’ll need to collect Specialization Points. There’s just one problem — Specialization Points are completely bugged right now. The ‘Warlords of New York’ DLC dropped this week, and completely wrecked the old system. Take one look, and you’ll find that there’s almost no way to earn Specialization Points.

Don’t worry, the situation isn’t as dire as it seems. You can still earn Specialization Points, and if the folks at Massive fix the slate of bugs affecting this particular system in the game, you’ll be swimming in more from a variety of sources. Here, I’ll explain all the ways you can still earn Specialization Points — even if the game doesn’t say you can earn them from these methods. Some activities, like completing Invaded Missions, will still give you Specialization Points, even if you won’t see any reward pop-up informing you. You’ll just have to check your Specialization Menu to find out.

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Specializations are a little wonky right now. That’s an understatement — but just to clarify for worried players, you can still earn Specializations from different sources; Invaded Missions, Bounties, and Level 40+ level ups.

There are no Daily Missions, so how do you get Specialization Points now?

  • Invaded Missions: Invaded Missions don’t state that you can get +5 Specialization Points for completion, but you will get those points. You can do 3 Invaded Missions per week.
  • Bounties: Bounties will also give Specialization Points. Bounties are a little weird right now — you can find Bounties by saving hostages at Execution Events in NYC. You can also select the Bounties tab on you map.
  • Infinite Levels: Earning a level past the Level Cap (40) will earn you a SHD point and a Specialization Point. This is currently bugged, and will hopefully get fixed soon.
  • CP4s: Completing a high-level CP — CP4 — will earn you 1 Specialization Point.

It’s a weird little system that isn’t quite working right. If you’re looking to stock-up on Specialization Points, this is how you can do it until the game gets some patch love in the (hopefully) near future.

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