12 Best Video Game Dogs Of 2019

The biggest question of 2019 is a simple one — can you pet the dog? Maybe that isn’t the biggest question of the year, but was always on my mind whenever a cute companion showed his furry face in a video game. Developers are steering their digital ships in the direction of dogs, and 2019 produced some of the premier pups of the decade. Today, I’m going to list the 11 best dogs of 2019 — and you can absolutely pet some of them.

Most of the best dogs are friends, but some of them are enemies. Dogs took a spooky turn, thanks to the monstrous variety prawling the streets of Raccoon City in Resident Evil 2, or the puppy poltergeist that accompanies you in Luigi’s Mansion 3. The bad dogs are pretty few — most dogs fulfill their role as Man’s Best Friend with gusto. You’ll have canine companions at your disposal in Far Cry New Dawn, Pokemon Sword & Shield, and Mortal Kombat 11. Some of the best dogs are 100% playable — Lockjaw in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3? Aliens dogs still belong. I’ll save some of the weirdest surprises for the list itself. Now keep scrolling to jump into the pupper pile and check out the 11 best gaming dogs of 2019.

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Timber (Far Cry New Dawn)

We’ve got to start our list with an all-around good dog, and Timber fits the bill nicely. He’s your standard gun-for-hire, an animal buddy that watches your back, bites your enemies, and retrieves heavy ordinance from the many animal-unfriendly bandits of Far Cry New Dawn. Timber isn’t just a very good dog — he’s a pack leader. By rescuing his gang of strays, he signs a lifelong pact with your protagonist. That’s just dog law.

Caesar (Wargroove)

Timber isn’t playable, but Caesar totally is — and he’s royalty! Caesar is a Commander in Wargroove, meaning he’ll lead armies into battle. Caesar is even accompanied by two crossbow-wielding flunkies that follow his bark-orders. How do they know what Caesar wants? Everything follows Lassie logic when it comes to Caesar — and Caesar even initiates his own rescue missions, all by rushing into deadly situations headfirst. Caesar even has the very dog-like power to inspire his companions, giving them another turn in battle. Obviously, this is one of the best good-boys around.

Jack (Days Gone)

Timber and Caesar are tough dogs, so it’s time we settle in with a little adorable action with Jack. The tiny puppy is a pivotal character in Days Gone. When Boozer, the good buddy of the main character is crippled and stuck to a homebound life, it’s your job to give hope to this man’s depressing existence. In one of the sweetest scenes of the year, you deliver an adorable puppy to Boozer. They quickly bond, and Boozer’s previous hopelessness disappears. It’s all thanks to Jack the Wonder Dog.

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