12 Best Video Game Dogs Of 2019

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Cerberus (Resident Evil 2)

We end our list with a couple more troublemakers. Cerberus is the devious Resident Evil 2 dog that hunts our heroes — the dog itself is an enemy, but an iconic one. They might be ugly, and they might enjoy ripping Leon’s flesh off, but these are still awesome dogs that deserve love. Don’t worry, no dogs were harmed in the making of RE2.

King Cerberus (Devil May Cry 5)

And finally, we end with another reference — Cerberus returns in Devil May Cry 5! This three-headed dog more closely resembles its mythological namesake, and argues with itself before your big fight. It’s also a returning monster from Devil May Cry 3, where it was literally named after the undead dogs of Resident Evil. Did you get all that? Good, because Cerberus is a super-cool monster dog, and the biggest buddy on our list. He might be a little forward with his fire / ice / thunder breath, but that just means that he likes you.