12 Best Video Game Dogs Of 2019

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Yamper (Pokemon Sword & Shield)

Another year, another awesome canine appears in a mainline Pokemon game. Pokemon Sword & Shield gives us a brand new mascot to cheer with Yamper — an electric corgi / frenchy hybrid with lightning powers. He’s one of the most adorable friends you’ll find in the wilds, and developer GameFreak knows it. He’s available to catch in the very first field in the game. And Yamper is a great lifelong companion that rivals Pikachu. Just pitch a tent in the Wild Area and start tossing the ball all day for a good time in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Anubis ‘Doggie’ Cruger (Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid)

One of the weirdest dogs of the year absolutely belongs on this list. Anubis ‘Doggie’ Cruger is a Power Ranger — and he’s also an alien dog man. Just think about that. Fans of the show first saw him in Power Rangers: SPD, but he didn’t jump into video game form until 2019. One of the new DLC characters included in Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid, Doggie Cruger looks nothing like a dog in his morphed form. You’ll have to check him out outside the spandex to see how awesomely weird this dog-man can be. Even better, Doggie Cruger is the leader of the SPD — like Caesar from Wargroove, this is a dog with responsibilities. I couldn’t think of a better mentor.

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