Mod Brings Remastered Vice City Map To Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Games has been around for years and they may be best known for their controversial video game series, Grand Theft Auto. The series has been going strong since its days on the original PlayStation. With five main installments and a slew of spin-off titles, each game continues to build off the past work in order to deliver fans a new but familiar experience. That’s not to say that there are not fans who enjoy a past game installment years after its release.

One of the more popular past video game installments to the franchise has been Grand Theft Auto Vice City. The game released back in 2002 and it put players into an 80s lively city full of crime and corruption. With the city Miami aesthetics and 80s vibe, there were plenty of fans that easily became attached to the installment. As a result, we are now seeing a release of a remastered map mod of Vice City that can be added into Grand Theft Auto V.

Unfortunately, this is just the city that was remastered by a modder named lunchxbles  so don’t go into the title expecting to play any missions. Still, this will give fans a chance to see what a Vice City game remaster could look like if Rockstar Games gave it a chance.

Currently, Grand Theft Auto V is the latest installment with no announcements yet on Grand Theft Auto VI. Still, that has not stopped fans from speculating and spreading rumors of what Rockstar Games has planned next. With the next-generation consoles coming out this holiday season, we’re likely going to receive an announcement of the next game title soon.

Source: YouTube