Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Players Are Earning Quadruple XP With This Duplication Trick

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 fans have discovered a glitch that allows them to play as multiple of the same character — four Spider-Men, four Hulk, or anyone else.

They’re using it with one goal in mind; earning XP faster. The trick lets you add multiple of the same character to a single team, and each character earns their own XP — so, essentially, you’re earning double, triple, or quadruple XP for each additional character copy.

Below, I’m going to explain exactly how this is working for players. It’s a common glitch at this point, so I decided to give it a try. You might want to try it fast, because this glitch might get fixed very soon.

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Players Are Earning Quadruple XP With This Duplication Trick

Here’s how the glitch works. As of the time of this writing, this glitch works and has been tested. Here are my finding.

Step #1: Play a Solo Infinity Trial. Any will work. For example, we’ll use Hulk’s Solo trial. Make sure the character you select (Hulk, for us) is in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4rth character slot.

Step #2: Start the trial and get defeated. After failing, select ‘Quit’ and go to the Menu, then go to Hero Select. You’ll see that there’s a duplicate character in your team! The glitch works like this — the 1st slot is replaced by the Solo Trial hero.

To duplicate even more, you need to free up the 1st slot. Select the 1st Slot (Hulk) then select a character on the roster that’s already on your team. If you select a character that’s not on your team, you’ll lose the dupe.

Step #3: Select a character that’s already on your team, and you’ll swap places. Now you can repeat the Solo Trial, fail, exit to Hero Select, and swap again so the 1st Slot is free. Repeat one more time, and you’ll have four of the same hero.

NOTE: Use Chapter Select and all four duped heroes can enter Story Mode. Otherwise, you have to use them in Infinity mode only.

This trick is insanely good for grinding levels — players report earning x4 XP and rewards for everything, so even easy trials are great for leveling up. Plus, seeing four Hulks go nuts is hilarious.