Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: How To Beat The Final Boss | Chapter 10 Boss Guide

The final boss of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is a powerful foe, and it’s also a big surprise. We won’t spoil it here — but the story isn’t quite as clear-cut as it might seem from the very beginning. If you’ve seen Avengers: Endgame, we can assure you that the story doesn’t play out the same way. There will be spoilers ahead, so you’ve been warned!

Naturally, there are multiple final bosses waiting to get pummeled by your team of heroes. They each have multiple forms, and they’re all extremely tough. If you’re struggling, you can always lower the difficulty and play the game on ‘Friendly’, the easiest difficulty. Ultimate Alliance 3 is surprisingly difficult, and you can always return and complete the story on ‘Mighty’ after you’ve unlocked more Infinity Rifts.

This fight is tough — and the game doesn’t offer any helpful tips to fight him. If you’re stuck or just need a little helping hand, here are our recommended levels and loadouts to take these titanic opponents down.

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How To Beat Thanos | Chapter 10 Boss Guide

There are two final bosses — the first boss is Thanos. He has the Infinity Gauntlet and all six stones. Basically, he uses all the special moves you’ve encountered so far.

Recommended Lvl. 45+

To defeat Thanos, you need to master the basics of combat. Many of Thanos’ attacks cover the entire arena, so you’ll want to practice blocking and dodging. Dodge right as an attack lands to avoid it, even area-of-effect blasts. To make your life easier, I also recommend stacking your team with support characters.

Healing Support: Use Crystal, Dr. Strange or Scarlet Witch to heal your team. Scarlet Witch has an extremely useful healing aura she can place. You’ll heal as long as you stand in it, and even the CPU will use it often.

The trick to defeating Thanos is staggering. He staggers quickly, but also recovers very quickly. To stagger him, use Synergy Attacks — then use your Extreme Attack when he’s low on his stagger meter. Don’t use it when he’s already staggered — he’ll recover too quickly.

Extreme Attacks Tip: You can unleash multiple extreme attacks at once — everyone knows that, but did you know you don’t have to unleash them all at the same time to get the bonus effect? After launching one, you can swap to a different character, move them into position, and then use their Extreme Attack, stacking it onto the previous one. You can do this for all four heroes.

Hulk, Iron Fist, Wolverine, and Black Panther are all very good at staggering. They’re all melee-focused, and Iron Fist is especially weak to Thanos’ attacks. Hulk is one of the best — tough and strong.

One of my favorite ‘safe’ characters to use in battle is Spider-Man. Spider-Man can heavy-attack into a swing, then glide while slinging light-attack webs. He can be very strong, and his heavy-attack keeps him mobile. You can dodge out of Thanos’ strikes fast.

Thanos has a ton of different attacks under his belt, but you don’t need to memorize them. Just watch when they’re about to land, and dodge out of the way. To make life easier, you can also upgrade your Alliance Enhancements to give your characters higher resistance. Both final bosses use lots of elemental attacks.

For both of these fights, you’ll need to stay on the move. Keep moving and dodging incoming attacks — when you have an opening, swoop in to restore your stamina with light / heavy attacks. When your energy is filled, unleash Synergy Attacks to stagger him quickly, but save some energy when he’s vulnerable. He only takes full damage when he’s staggered.

FINAL BOSS: Thane, The Infinity Armor

The Infinity Armor is even stronger than Thanos himself. This full set of armor, designed to carry the six Infinity Stones, causes Thane, the son of Thanos, to completely lose his mind.

Recommended Lvl. 45+

The battle takes place in the Heart of Infinity, where the six stones were first created — and the final boss uses the Infinity Stones to the unleash every type of attack we’ve seen so far.

While this is a totally new battle, all the same tricks you need to know to defeat Thanos are identical. Thane is just a tougher Thanos — there are only two things that change this fight significantly.

NOTE: Thanos is by your side in this battle. He’s the most OP hero in the game, and can be unlocked in the post-game. His presence alone makes this battle slightly easier to manage.

Like the Infinity Stones, there are six phases to the fight. Each phase is patterned after one of the Infinity Stones — the Time Stone stops time, the Mind Stone causes confusion, and so on. Instead of switching powers, the Infinity Armor harnesses each stone all at the same time. He’ll continue to layer more and more powerful attacks until the screen is a chaos of unstoppable moves.

NOTE: Save your Extreme Attacks for the final phase. After defeating Thane once, he’ll return for one more difficult round. Take off most of his stagger meter, then unleash all of your Extreme Attacks to quickly defeat him.

To survive, you’ll especially want healers and tough heroes. Crystal, Dr. Strange, and Scarlet Witch are all good healers with other useful DPS abilities. Spider-Man is great at survival, and Hulk / Black Panther are great melee fighters that can deal a ton of damage or stagger opponents quickly.

If the battle is too hard for you, you can also grind XP in the Infinity Rifts. For the final boss, I recommend replaying any Wave, Rush, or Boost Trials. Wave and Rush are especially good for earning fast XP for any characters. If you can complete the Sigma Trials, start there — completing trials will also net you lots of XP Cubes you can use. The higher level you are, the easier this battle will be.