Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: How To Play With 2 Heroes Each Online | Tips Guide

In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, your friends can play with you at an time. If you’re playing offline and local, you and your friends can select any of the four heroes you’ve chosen for your team. Online, things work a little different — you can play with up to three other players, but each additional player only gets to control their chosen hero.

Online, the host gets to play as all the heroes that haven’t been selected by connecting players. If one friend joins you for an online session, that friend only gets one hero, while the host gets to play as three heroes. That’s a weird balance, and one fans of MUA3 have solved — there’s a way to let your friends play as multiple characters online, and it’s very simple to pull off.

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How To Play With 2 Heroes Each Online | Tips Guide

This secret method for playing multiple characters in an online session was shared by u/NewVirtue.

When you play MUA3 online, the host gets control of all the heroes not selected by Player 2. To change that, Player 2 can connect as two separate ‘Players’ and select two heroes, then disconnect with ‘Player 3’ — you can do this with any Joycon controller.

Here’s how it works.

Step #1: Join a host’s online game. For this example, you’re Player 2.

Step #2: Player 2, press [LB / RB] to add a third player. You’ll need a second controller, or you need to separate the Joy-Cons.

Step #3: As Player 2 & Player 3, select your two characters.

Step #4: Disconnect Player 3, and Player 2 will have control over both characters.

With this method, you can share the love, and your online friends can play as multiple characters instead of being confined to one. This is such a nice feature, players are asking for it in the main game. Who knows, there might be a future update that makes this functionality a little simpler to use.