Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: How To Level Up Characters Fast | XP Farming Tips

Farming is just a fact of life in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. If you want to beat the game on ‘Mighty’ difficulty, there are points in the story where you’ll have to stop and play through some of the Infinity Rift trials. These bonus missions are specifically designed to give you (and your heroes) a workout. They’re a great way to earn items, get XP, and level up. But they’re not always efficient.

To speed up the process, here are my personal favorite trials to repeat. Completing trials will net you huge amounts of credits, which are especially useful for upgrading S-08 crystals and making your characters more powerful. Credits are also used for upgrading your Alliance in the lab, but the cost is negligible. You’ll almost always have more credits than you can spend. This game is all about the XP.

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How To Level Up Characters Fast | XP Farming Tips

To rapidly farm XP, XP Cubes, and Credits in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, you’ll want to start with one high-level teammate. You only need one — then you can rapidly level-up low level heroes in your alliance. One high-level hero should be paired with three. Or two, depending on your needs.

The trick is using Infinity Rifts. Certain rift trials give you great rewards that you can repeat endlessly and farm XP very, very quickly. You can replay these missions, earn tons of XP Cubes that you can use to level up in the Team Menu, and get a huge amount of credits. The better you do, the more you’ll earn!

Depending on your skill-level, the following trials are the best I’ve found (so far) for rapidly leveling up. Each trial only takes about 2-3~ minutes to complete.

Depending on your skill-level, the following trials are the best I’ve found (so far) for rapidly leveling up. Each trial only takes about 2-3~ minutes to complete.

Psi Rift: Rush — Defeat 30 Enemies Or More On The Kree Ship Lv. 34

One of my favorite farming missions. Damage increases over time, and your target are all high XP Sentinel robots. Each robot drops a power core that you can throw to kill more Sentinels. Eventually, the damage modifier increases so much, even power core you throw will kill one (or more!) Sentinels at a time.

Thanks to the power cores, you don’t even need powerful heroes for this. It doesn’t matter how much damage they can do. It’s all about those cores.

Psi Rift: Wave — Defeat 200 Enemies In The Xavier Institute Lv. 25

A straightforward mission that’s all about spamming attacks and destroying lots of enemies. You need a character that’s good at staggering and area-of-effect attacks. I recommend Spider-Man! He’s great at both.

Just wipe out enemies with Spider-Man, or any other high-level hero, and let your lower-level heroes soak up XP.

Sigma Rift: Wave — Defeat 200 Enemies In Hel Lv. 36

Another wave trial. This is a higher level version that also spawns Sentinels. Defeat the Sentinels to spawn explosive barrels, which are very useful against tough enemies with stagger meters. Aim for the Sentinels first, and just repeat — you can get your heroes to very high levels by repeating this trial.

Lambda Rift: Boost – Defeat Viking Soldiers & HYDRA Soldiers Lv. 42

This trial is only unlocked after defeating Sandman in Chapter 2 Hard difficulty mode. In this trial, your damage is boosted, so even low-level heroes can defeat the enemies you face. The trick is, you’ll want to bring heroes like Dr. Strange or Scarlet Witch. They can heal you between fights. It takes a little more skill than other trials, but it will get you lots of XP.

Lambda Rift: Rush – Defeat 50 Enemies Or More lv. 49

A great and simple mission that can help boost your characters up to Thanos’ level. If you need to grind heroes from low levels, just include theme here — it’s a quick mission with lots of ways to defeat your enemies. Sentinels appear, and your damage increases every minute.