Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Best Characters To Pick For Your Top-Tier Team

Many of my favorite heroes appear in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, but they aren’t all as useful as we want them to be.

As awesome as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes might be, they aren’t all equally powerful. Some heroes are especially strong, and these characters have become fan-favorites for enhancing your hero team. If you’re looking to maximize your damage and improve your team loadout, here are my personal recommendations for the very best heroes.

It’s important to know that all heroes are viable, and many of the heroes below aren’t necessarily best when paired together. One factor that I can’t rank here are Synergy Attacks — certain characters can combine their powers and unleash devastating attacks called Synergies. Some of the least-best characters can still have lots of handy Synergies you can use to destroy the competition.

Basically, you’ll want to experiment. If you’re feeling weak and want to improve your chances in battle, I also recommend giving the characters below a try.

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The Best Characters To Pick For Your Top-Tier Team

Spider-Man is very versatile. He’s good DPS, he can bind lots of enemies, and is good at staggering. A great all-around and safe character — his heavy attack is paired with a light combo that keeps Spidey in the air, hammering opponents with lots of webs.

Dr. Strange is one of the best DPS, and has a variety of elemental attacks. His ranged light and heavy melee are very strong — and he’s relatively safe! Just remember to dodge.

Hulk is great at staggering and soaking up damage. His charged abilities are some of the best — especially his tornado attack. His heavy attack is ranged, and absolutely wrecks stagger meters.

Wolverine is another high-damage melee killer. You have to get very close and be prepared to dodge / block often to keep him in the fight, but he can unleash lots of blade attacks that rip enemies apart in no time.

Scarlet Witch is one of the best DPS and support characters in the game. She is strong, and can summon fields that slow / weaken enemies, or heal your team. Captain America is a very safe, all-around strong character that’s a good choice, he can also buff and shield himself from powerful attacks.

Elsa Bloodstone is a great pick for a ranged DPS character. She uses pistols as a light, and rifles are her heavy attacks. Most of her powers are all about dealing damage at range, but she can also knock bad guys back.

Thanos is the most powerful character, bar none. He’s also the most difficult to unlock. You’ll need to play through all the content in the game just for a chance to unlock this guy.