Luigi’s Mansion 3: How To Get The Director’s Loudspeaker | 8F Puzzle Guide

About halfway through your adventure in Luigi’s Mansion 3, you’ll reach the Paranormal Productions Studio on Floor 8. This haunted Hollywood locale gives you access to four different sets, with your final goal being the red loudspeaker a spooky director has lost. To get your prize, you’ll need to solve a complicated little puzzle, collecting the right items so you can finally access the loudspeaker in a miniaturized micro set.

As if the studio wasn’t spooky enough, you’ll have to use the movies themselves to solve these puzzles. When looking through the camera lens, you’ll see the director’s vision. A crummy little castle set transforms into a raging battlefield, while a single well on a small hill becomes a spooky vista. You’ll need to use each movie set in the correct order, and figuring out each step can be pretty touch. Here’s the step-by-step solution if you’re stuck.

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How To Get The Director’s Loudspeaker | 8F Puzzle Guide

Before beginning, go to all four studios and activate the TV set inside with your Strobulb. You can’t carry items through doors, but you can take items with you when stepping through these TV portals.

Grab the Bucket from 8F: Backstage and use the TV teleporter to Studio 1: Horror Set. Drop the bucket into the well, then look through the camera and summon Gooigi. The ghost will pop out with a full bucket of water!

Take the full bucket of water (through the TV set) to Studio 2: Castle Set. Give the full water bucket to Gooigi, then look through the camera. Use the water bucket on the plant to make it grow and create a ladder up to the top of the tower.

Grab the torch and bring it down to the Backstage. Take the torch to Studio 3: Fire Set. Like before, swap so Gooigi is carrying the Torch. Use the camera, and light the torch with the first floor fire burning in the doorway. Switch again, and take the fire (finally!) to Studio 4.

Drop the burning torch on the set, then swap to Gooigi while Luigi is on the camera. Use the Suction Shot to pull open the cardboard box, then use the torch to burn the giant spider and webs to free the Red Bullhorn. Take it back to the director, and you’ll have solved this tricky puzzle.