Luigi’s Mansion 3: How To Get All Gems On Each Floor | 6F, 7F & 8F Locations Guide

The gem hunt continues in Luigi’s Mansion 3, and the floors are starting to get weird. For this guide, we’re tackling the three more levels of the haunted hotel — Castle MacFrights, Garden Suites, and Paranormal Productions. This is when those gems get really hard to find. The Castle and Garden Suites are sprawling locations with tons of rooms to explore. If you’re lost and need a helping hand, skip down to the full locations list.

This is when the levels become flat-out unreal. The Hotel expands wildly when you reach Castle MacFrights, a tourist destination with a medieval king watching over the jousting ground. The Garden Suites are a series of rooms, taking up four levels even if they are considering just one ‘floor’. You’ll need to navigate a twisted path up a giant plant. Finally, the weirdest of the three is Paranormal Productions, where you’ll find movie studios that become surprisingly lifelike when looked through a specific lens.

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How To Get All Gems On Each Floor | 6F, 7F & 8F Locations Guide

There are six gems on every floor of the Last Resort Hotel. To find them all, you’ll need to solve puzzles, reach hidden areas, locate gem ghosts, and more. There are many challenges hidden on each floor, and we’ll explain them all below.

6F: Castle MacFrights

White Gem: Coliseum Balcony – After the boss fight, go up into the stands. On the balcony, there is a chest and two sitting armor suits. Suction the second (left) armor suit to pull out a gem.

Red Gem: Hall of Armor – In this room, use the Dark-Light on the back-right spot to reveal an armor suit. Smash the suit with a Suction Spot.

Blue Gem: Cellar – Pull open the right-most wine barrel and enter through the cracked wall to find a hidden ladder. At the top, you’ll get a blue gem.

Green Gem: Royal Coffer – Found in a hidden room. Pull down the last (furthest right) banner in the Coliseum Hallway and use the Dark-Light to reveal a hidden door.

Purple Gem: Armory – Use a Suction Shot on the wall between the two weapon racks to reveal a hidden gem chest.

Yellow Gem: Cage-Lift Room – At the bottom of the lift, use blow to spin the wheel to the left. It lowers the hanging cage with the yellow gem. Get inside the cage with Gooigi!

7F: Garden Suites

White Gem: Ivy Bathroom – Drop down into the area beneath the floor with Gooigi and then use the Strobulb on the flower in the lower-right corner.

Red Gem: Blooming Suite – In this room, use the Suction Shot to pull the metal cover off the nightstand in the front-right corner. Squeeze into the vent with Gooigi, then use the Strobulb on the plant above to make the gem drop.

Blue Gem: Atrium – At the very top of the Atrium, use Suction to pull the plant bridge across then clear the pedals to reveal a hidden path. Follow it behind the window and around to the secret spot.

Green Gem: Mushroom Suit – Clear the curtains from the bed, and follow the blue passage behind the bed. It leads to an area below the floor. Use Gooigi to enter a pipe and Strobulb the plant to reveal the gem.

Purple Gem: Blooming Bathroom – In the bathroom, clear the pink pedals until you find an open vent. Slide through using Gooigi, then clear the pedals in the back-right corner to reveal a new pipe that leads up into the bathtub.

Yellow Gem: Evelator Hall – Near the entrance, there are three paintings. Use the Dark-Light under the yellow painting.

8F: Paranormal Productions

White Gem: Studio 3: Fire Set – Use Suction on the sewer grating on the right to find a Gem Ghost.

Red Gem: Studio Entrance – In the Lobby room, go to the front-left corner and smash the planter with a Suction Shot. Removing the plant will make the carpet roll up slightly. Use Suction to pull the carpet and reveal a hidden gem.

Blue Gem: Backstage – Climb up onto the platform and use Gooigi to Suction the wheel, making the platform ride up to the catwalk. Walk to the far edge and throw the ice block down. Use the torch (when it’s on fire!) to melt the ice.

Green Gem: Studio 4: Micro Set – Look through the camera, then send Gooigi into the plastic bottle to the left of the cardboard box. He can squeeze into the hole.

Purple Gem: Elevator Hall – Aim your Suction up at the helicopter to make the blades spin. The chopper will lower, and eventually the door will pop open to reveal this gem.

Yellow Gem: Studio Entrance – Pull the gold film reel on the desk with Suction to open a panel with this gem. Just walk through the barrier with Gooigi to get it.