Luigi’s Mansion 3: How To Get All Gems On Each Floor | 3F, 4F & 5F Locations Guide

We continue up three more floors in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Here are all the gem locations for the Hotel Shops, the Great Stage, and the RIP Suites. The RIP Suites is technically the first area Luigi and the gang visit, before King Boo reveals himself. It won’t be until much later that Luigi can actually unluck all the gems in the RIP Suites, so no need to return until after you’ve earned Gooigi.

Gooigi is the big new gimmick in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Now Luigi can summon a remote-control copy of himself called Gooigi. This green tub of goo can freely explore, and you’ll need him to perform certain simultaneous actions. Gooigi can slip through narrow metal bars, but he’s extremely weak to water. Even a little bit of water will cause Luigi’s sludge friend to instantly dissolve.

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How To Get All Gems On Each Floor | 3F, 4F & 5F Locations Guide

There are six gems on every floor of the Last Resort Hotel. To find them all, you’ll need to solve puzzles, reach hidden areas, locate gem ghosts, and more. There are many challenges hidden on each floor, and we’ll explain them all below.

The Hotel Shops feature two floors of rooms to explore.

3F: Hotel Shops

White Gem: Elevator Hall – From the upper level of the shopping area, on the right side, look in the foreground for a gate you can Slam open. Go through and follow the path until you reach a hidden room above the restrooms. There’s a gem chest there!

Red Gem: Boutique – In the dress shop (bottom-right), open the secret room by shooting a Suction Shot onto the dress mannequin on the left wall. It’s the one with a circle on the chest. Pull the suction cup to open the door, then suction up the gem in the hidden room.

Blue Gem: Hallway – In the hall outside the Security Office, use the Strobulb to flash the vending machine multiple times. Eventually it will pop out a blue gem.

Green Gem: Mall Lobby – Use the Dark-Light on the upper-left corner of the shopping area to reveal a ladder. Climb up and open the chest to reveal this gem.

Purple Gem: Restroom – In the lady’s restroom. To reach it, pull the vent off the left wall in the men’s restroom, then enter with Gooigi. To turn off the water, use the Dark-Light in the men’s restroom on the floor ro find a secret vent. Drop down and turn the wheel to fix the leaky toilet!

Yellow Gem: Accessories – In the glass display, in the fashionable upper-left shop. Smash the glass to make it appear! Grab a ghost and smash it into the display or use the trunk with a Suction Shot attached.

Blow the bottles in the right order to solve this mysterious puzzle.

4F: The Great Stage

White Gem: Restroom – Go to the left restroom and use the Dark-Light on the right sink to make a faucet appear. Use it and a Gem Ghost will appear.

Red Gem: Dressing Room – Shine the Dark-Light on the piano, then play it to make the red gem appear in this backstage room.

Blue Gem: Concession Stand – Use Gooigi to pull the plunger with his suction then interact with the boo face to reach the Concession Stand. Inside, use suction on the open bottles in order from left-to-right to play a tune that unlocks the gem safe.

Green Gem: Auditorium – Slam the strange spot on the stage (near the painting) to reveal a Super Suction plug. Use Super Suction, an ability you’ll unlock later in the game, to destry the Ghost Orchestra! Clear everything and activate the TV portal at the back. The gem is on the little balcony the portal takes you to.

Purple Gem: Elevator Hall – Use Gooigi to blow into the giant tuba, then suction up the gem that appears with regular Luigi.

Yellow Gem: Elevator Hall – At the far-left corner of the hall, use the Strobulb on the popcorn machine until it overflows.

Look through the telescope for a Gem Ghost surprise.

5F: RIP Suites

White Gem: 508 Balcony – Use the telescope until a Gem Ghost appears. Capture the ghost and the White Gem will drop.

Red Gem: 501 Balcony – Use the Dark-Light to reveal the Room 501 door, then use it again to reveal the hidden 501 Balcony door. Walk along the ledge to the right to get this gem out of the gargoyle’s mouth.

Blue Gem: Laundry Room – Use a Suction Shot on the panel in the lower-left corner. Pull it off to find this Gem.

Green Gem: Hallway – Down the hall, look for the green gem in a statue head. Grab the orb from the display to the left, and use it to smash the statue.

Purple Gem: 507 Bathroom – Pull down the sheet to enter the back room, then use a Suction Shot to smash the green container blocking the way to the gem.

Yellow Gem: 508 Bathroom – Drop through the grating with Gooigi and turn the wheel to stop the water from leaking on the left. Up in the bathroom, blow on the bathtub faucet to turn on the shower. When the luggage pops out, use a Suction Shot to smash it open.