Luigi’s Mansion 3: How To Beat Every Boss | Ghost Strategies Guide

Ghosts giving you trouble? In Luigi’s Mansion 3, the eponymous hero must trek up 15 floors of fear — and each one is guarded by a spectacular spirit. Some of these bosses are straightforward and simple, while others are going to give you a very bad day. Each one is like solving a puzzle, so it’s no surprise if you get a little stuck on your journey.

To make life easier for you ghost adventurers, I’m going to write a quick guide explaining exactly how to capture each ghostly boss. Figuring out how to damage them is — usually — the trickiest part of each fight, and some of them are pretty complex. It might take several different phases before you can get your licks in.

And there are a lot of bosses in Luigi’s Mansion 3. If you’re just here to check out the many, many bosses, browse the entries below. They just get weirder and wilder as the game progresses.

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How To Beat Every Boss | Ghost Strategies Guide

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The Maid (5F RIP Suites)

The tidy maid steals the Professor’s important trunk! She’ll run all over the floor, so you’ll need to use the Dark-Light to follow her. When she runs, use the Dark-Light on the door to see which direction she went, then use the Dark-Light on the hotel room doors to find where she went. A silhouette will appear on the door she’s inside. Otherwise, defeat her just like any other ghost.

The Security Guard (3F Shops)

Inside the Security Office, you’ll have to defeat the clumsy guard armed with a squirt gun. You’ll have to enter his room through a metal grate with Gooigi, so watch out for the water!

Use Smash to knock his sunglasses off, then use the Strobulb to stun and smash him. After knocking his glasses off, he’ll unleash a stream of water! Be prepared to retreat or just summon another Gooigi. You can also wait for the Security Guard to tire himself out after a few rolls.

The Chef (2F Mezzanine)

To defeat the whirlwind chef, suck up a pumpkin or melon, then shoot it straight at the chef to knock his protective pan away. You need to use Suction to suck up the melon, then Blow it out! Once the frying pan is out of the chef’s hands, you can flash him with the Strobulb and smash him around the room.

The Pianist (4F Grand Stage)

The powerful Piano Player in the Auditorium is your first true tough fight. First, he’ll throw the entire auditorium’s worth of chairs at you. Just keep running! When he summons a swarm of ghosts, make sure to Slam to remove their masks before using the Strobulb.

The real fight begins when the pianist possesses his grand piano. Dodge his slams — the light will shine where he’s about to land — and wait for him to pop out. When he does, immediately Strobulb him or he’ll generate a shockwave. Use the Slam to bounce over it!

To actually hurt the pianist, dodge his attacks until he shoots out bombs. Look for the bombs that aren’t flashing, use Suction to grab them, then target his open piano and Blow them back at the boss. After the explosion, use a Suction Shot to pull the piano and slam it.

After three slams, the piano will be destroyed. When the ghost boss is outside the piano, just use a Strobulb flash to stun him and then Ghost Slam him to bring his energy down. If you need to heal during the fight, use Suction Shot on the trophies lining the auditorium and pull them down. Each one has a heart.

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