No More Heroes 3 Is About 40 Percent Complete

During a Nintendo Direct this year we got the reveal of a new installment to the No More Heroes franchise. This upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive didn’t give much in terms of details regarding the actual game or really anything about this new installment. It was just a simple small teaser to alert the masses that 2020 would see the return of Travis Touchdown. Now a new report is alerting fans that the development studio is not nearly halfway done with its production.

Suda 51 noted to DualShockers that the development studio is about 40 percent done with the full video game. The studio has got quite a way to go and it still slated to launch within 2020. With that said, we can expect a new trailer for the game potentially before the end of this year. There doesn’t seem to be any promises quite yet, but it would appear that we may have some more concrete news regarding the game and gameplay footage.

What do know so far is that Travis Touchdown is back only to take on a new otherworldly invasion. It’s bound to be plenty of over-the-top action that we’ve come to know and expect with this series. Of course, with that said, it may be a good while before we can really judge just how well the game looks until some new footage is released for the public. In the meantime, you can take a look at the latest teaser for the game posted right above.

Source: DualShockers