No More Heroes 3 Officially Announced

It was only earlier this year that we got Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes but we’re already gearing up for the next installment. During the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct, we got the announcement of No More Heroes 3, a video game installment that will once again follow Travis Touchdown as he fights off a slew of enemies as the last hero standing.

We didn’t get a ton of backstory or what we can fully expect from this upcoming title but it seems that there were enough positive feedback and enjoyment from Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes to allow the franchise to continue with the third main installment. In a report made by ComicBook, the development team behind the series is viewing the third main installment as an Avengers film, where everything has been leading up to this point for our hero.

After going through the last installment, Travis has new skills and strength to allow him a greater chance in overcoming the odds in No More Heroes 3. Again, the trailer doesn’t reveal too much in terms of narrative but we do get to see the main protagonist fight off an enemy force with the reveal that this upcoming title will be launching at some point next year. Are you going to pick up No More Heroes 3 when it releases in 2020? Let us know your thoughts on the game by leaving a comment below.

Source: E3 Nintendo, ComicBook