Animal Crossing New Horizons Delayed Until 2020

Animal Crossing was hyped up by fans after it’s initial reveal during E3 2018 for the Nintendo Switch. This new main installment to the franchise was set to launch during some point this year but Nintendo ultimately made the decision to delay the game. According to Nintendo, the development team needed more time to get everything just right before its ready to be shipped out for the public to enjoy. Despite this news, we still got a new trailer showcasing the in-game world.

We also know that Animal Crossing 2020 will be called Animal Crossing: New Horizons with the installment once again bringing on a living world that will shift towards your will by maintaining and building upon it. During the Nintendo E3 2019 Direct upload, we got a glimpse of living life on an island where the user created character goes around cleaning up the area, setting up a tent and fishing. There is also an option to craft items within the game by collecting resources.

Again, this announcement came with a slight disappointment as Nintendo had to push the release back until March 2, 2020. With fingers crossed, we’re hoping that this title manages to make its delivery date without being pushed back any further. In the meantime, take a look at the E3 2019 trailer showed off earlier today within the video embedded above.

Source: E3 Nintendo