The Witcher 3 Port Confirmed For Nintendo Switch Platform

The Witcher 3 was a highly beloved and cherished video game title that completed The Witcher trilogy. Developed under CD Projekt Red, players once again took a journey across a big open world with Geralt. Now that journey is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch platform after it was unveiled during E3 Nintendo Direct video upload. If you’ve never played the game before, this is your chance to do it as a portable option.

This was a rumored video game announcement and while the game is a few years old now, gamers who wish to go back and enjoy the game or simply the DLC can do so with this upcoming Nintendo Switch release. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is releasing sometime this year for the Nintendo Switch and its coming with all of the DLC previously released for the title. As a result, you’ll get the full game experience right from the start.

Now, this is a rather deep video game in terms of the story so if you didn’t play the first two titles within The Witcher franchise then its best to look online for story recaps to catch you up to speed before starting your journey. At any rate, we want to hear from you. Will you be picking up The Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch when it releases later this year?

Source: E3 Nintendo